Traveling by motorhome, American Southwest, Utah
Traveling by motorhome, American Southwest, Utah

What Are The Best Motorhome Blogs In Australia

Have thought of owning a motorhome one day? Getting one for yourself would be so cool. Spending that vacay with that special one on a camp would be awesome. Stay glued to your seats and enjoy this article.

What is an RV blog?

The entire lifestyle of the RV blog is full of excitement and boundless travel.

It’s the ideal lifestyle to capture online because there are so many locations to see and things to see! RV is known as caravanning and is not common in Australia.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of people believe this. Today, we’re offering you four RV travel bloggers to follow if you haven’t already.

These Escapees are RV travel bloggers and we believe you’ll enjoy everything they have to say!

2 Aussie Travelers

Toni and Drew operate a travel blog. They started the website to share their travel photos and experiences with the lessons they learned along the way. They live by a philosophy that says you shouldn’t wait for the holidays to enjoy yourself, explore, and experience new things. Their immediate travel plan is aimed at Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and the wider Asia Pacific region you can join them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google + to share their travel experiences with them.

Frequent Traveler

Rosalind and Alan Cuthbertson have been travel bloggers for over years. Their travel experience highlights a range of travel styles, from luxury to budget, house sitting, slow travel, and international living. They will show you the bright lights in Paris, New York, and London. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Joyce Watts is a family travel blogger that helps families to have more fun. She has lots of reviews that will aid you in exploring the best of Melbourne, Regional Victoria, and the world.

She has over 1000 plus personal reviews and tips about the things to do and places to go with your kids and family travel-related products and services. She is available on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Gallivanting Oz

This travel blog started as a small family business over a decade ago. They had a big dream of independent travel, people, and motorhomes. They tour around Australia and have helped so many people experience motorhome holidays dreams. Gallivanting Oz was founded by Belinda mason. They are available on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

What are the most reliable motorhomes?

Are you seeking to purchase a Motorhome, the probability is that you want it to be able to transport you. Then again, a house is effectively a Campervan that can’t move. Let’s take a look at the best campervans in Australia.

Toyota Hiace

It is the best campervan overall. The new brand costs $39,740 and the used brand (2000 model and later) costs from $5,000. It has been one of the most popular motorhomes used in Australia in the last 2 decades. Its reliability has made it known. Toyota has also loaded the vehicle with new safe, technology, and comfort improvements in recent years making it the most valuable campervan in the market. This campervan comes in four kinds of models:2x people mover models (SLWB Commuter and Commuter GL) and 2x commercial models (LWB Crew Van and SLWB Van). It features an 8-inch touchscreen with Apple Carplay and Android Auto Technology, Reversing Camera, Easy access doorsteps, Front air conditioning, and many more.

Mercedes Sprinter

It is the best-used campervan. The new brand costs $56,000 and the used brand (2003 model and later) costs from $8500.It has always been the chosen vehicle for postal services and ambulances around Australia. This campervan comes in 4 vehicle sizes: Extra-long, Long. Medium and Short.

A 2.1L diesel engine and six-speed-speed manual transmission are included in all new vehicles. You can choose between front, rear, or all-wheel drive and upgrade to the 7G-TRONIC PLUS or 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission. The Extra- Large model has a huge 15.5m9 load volume and the Short base model has a 7.8m9 load volume. It features a 10.5inch MBUX multimedia touchscreen with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, 2.0-tonne towing capacity, USB input and Bluetooth, and many more.

Can you live permanently in a motorhome in Australia?

Yes, in Australia you can sleep in a motorhome in almost any place. A designated campervan park would be the best place to stay.

These parks are purposely built for you to access a clean water supply and electrical outlets designed particularly for campervan travelers like you.

However, be cautious when parking in areas where camping or overnight parking is prohibited.

Scout the area and make sure you’re not breaking any restrictions before you decide to park camp for the night. You can search online for known motorhome parking locations in the area before visiting.

Are older motorhomes worth buying?

Without a doubt, an old motorhome is a risk but with a little caution, you can find a fantastic one. There is Hymer, Pilote, Swift, and many more. Hymer makes some fantastic RVs and the fact is that so many of them are still on the road at 30 years old and beyond, this speaks a lot about their quality.

When you look at motorhomes, you will get a sense of how complicated the machine you want to buy is. They are quite complicated. It might be scary as a first-timer when you realize how little you know.

It’s a good idea to view a few in-person to have a sense of the size then you’ll know what the photographs are telling you when you see them online.

It may seem difficult at first but you will gradually gain an understanding of the sizes and layouts. After that, you will need to decide on a layout.

There are certain checks you need to do when buying these motorhomes.

You will need to check the tyres, seatbelts, roof lights and hatches, windows, bodywork, rust, and mechanical checks.

Older motorhomes are more affordable for family and friends to use.

You will like an old motorhome if you are smart and enjoy managing a vehicle and a home in one. If you aren’t smart and prefer a simpler life, I recommend saving up to buy a new model.