Furniture Movers: A Practical Guide for Moving Day Preparation

Are you looking forward to moving day? Not everyone is, especially if they have no clue how to prepare for their move. Because of that, many prefer hiring furniture movers to help them.

Moving to a new place is every bit challenging and exciting. Not to mention, the stress and anxiety in moving are unlike any other. Hiring a furniture moving company won’t cut all stressors, but it can lessen your concerns.

Do you have an idea on how to prepare for your moving day? Read this guide to help you prepare for the move with your furniture movers.

1. Create a Moving Day Checklist

Preparing for your moving day can take weeks or even months, depending on where you’ll move. Before moving, you have to make sure that everything will be ready. The best way to keep track of your preparations is by having a moving day checklist.

Checklists allow you to set a timeline of things to do, which will reduce the chances of problems. Movers often recommend that you prepare two lists for the moving day.

One checklist should focus on things you need to finish before moving day. The other is a checklist for the moving day itself. Having two to-do lists will help you avoid confusion and repetitive tasks.

Aside from your checklists, you can also prepare the moving supplies you’ll need. Reliable moving companies like Muscleman Moving bring all necessary moving supplies and tools. Having these supplies will also prevent any delays with your move if any problem happens.

You also need to plan and prepare for safety necessities like disinfectants. Your local furniture movers have their safety protocols for disinfection during the move.

2. Dismantle and Clean Your Furniture

Before you start packing your furniture, make sure to clean and dust them. Dust and other debris can scratch your stuff during the move.

More than that, cleaning prevents dirt and grime from entering your new home.

It’s also best that you dismantle all your furniture before the move. Dismantled furniture is easier to move and pack into the moving truck. Not only that, but it also lowers the chances of damages while you move them.

Disassembling your furniture is one of the most time-consuming moving preparations. To stay on schedule, allot enough time for this task.

3. Pack and Put Appropriate Labels for Each Box

The night before moving day, do a final inspection of all your belongings. Doing this will ensure that you secure and box all your things before the movers arrive.

When packing your things, make sure that you put clear labels on each box. Use dark, bold makers to label where each box needs to go. Aside from that, you can add the room and a secondary designation to make things easier.

Putting tape signages to which room each box needs to be is also helpful. For instance, all things for the primary bedroom should have labels on them.

You can also create an inventory list to avoid possible confusion. Keep in mind to mark the containers holding sharp and fragile items.

4. Separate Prohibited and Sensitive Items

Depending on the furniture moving company, there are items that they can’t or shouldn’t handle. For example, furniture movers can’t move hazardous materials, alcohol, and pets. Make sure to talk with your moving company beforehand and keep prohibited items out of the way.

You can also label these items with a “do not move” sign. Apart from that, you can also separate sensitive belongings like documents and jewelry. You can transport these boxes yourself.

5. Make Early Arrangements for Your Furniture Movers

Finish all administrative tasks like reserving elevators and getting parking permits before moving. Taking care of these tasks is crucial, especially if you move into an apartment. You can also shovel snow on the paths for your mover during a snowy day.

Moving companies can provide you with almost any moving service you need. But you have to clear what you want them to do ahead of time. That way, they can prepare for your requests and handle them during the moving day.

6. Avoid Interrupting the Furniture Movers

Most people get tempted to lend a hand when the furniture movers do their work. While you may do it with good intentions, hovering around will only interrupt them. It’s better to stay out of their way because movers follow a specific system in moving and loading.

You can still get involved by keeping your kids or pets out of the movers’ path. For example, you can pack your car with items that the movers can’t transport.

7. Tip Your Movers

It’s customary that you tip your furniture movers after their tasks. Clients often give each mover 5% of the total moving costs. But you can increase your tip to more than 10% once they surpass your expectations.

Aside from that, you can also offer snacks and refreshments to your movers. Moving can take several hours to finish. After their work, consider preparing a quick meal or snacks for them to consume.

By doing these things, you can show your appreciation for their services.

8. Avoid Negotiating Your Moving Costs

When you hire a moving company, avoid negotiating with the moving costs. Most furniture movers offer quotes beforehand. Settling for the company moving costs should happen before you hire them.

Haggling the prices at the last minute shows poor moving etiquette. It also shows the lack of respect you have for your movers.

You can look for cheap moving companies if you want to stick with your budget. Although many of these companies have limited moving services, it’s easy to get around them. But some companies can still offer complete moving services at an affordable price.

Preparing for Your Move With the Help of Furniture Movers

Moving is a tedious and stressful task for everyone. But having furniture movers to help you will make things easier.

Aside from that, knowing how to prepare your things for the move is also essential. These preparation tips and hacks will make your moving day a complete success.

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