How to download Knockout City codes

How To Generate Knockout City Codes

Knockout City is a team-based competitive multiplayer video game whose rules are like dodgeball. The player aims to attack enemies from the opposing team by knocking them out with the ball. If you like to throw balls or are a fan of dodgeball games then this game is definitely for you. Hope you enjoy the read.

How to download Knockout City codes

  1. Go to google and type in
  2. Then click on download code and click on create redeem code.
  3. You will see options such as PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch. Choose the option you want.
  4. After choosing an interface will pop up asking you to create redeem code. Click on it
  5. Then your code will be generated.

How to redeem codes in the knockout city

Open the game then go to options, scroll down and click on more. Choose the redeem code option and click on it. You can go to gamecodez. The online and knockout city then you can get a code.

After getting the code, input it into the slot that was provided when you clicked on the redeem code button. Now click on submit. There’s going to be a pop-up that says code successfully redeemed, rewards have been added to your inventory. Now your code has been redeemed.

Now go back to your options and click on customize brawler. Go to the player icon to see if it is working. At the top of player icons, you will see a star symbol. This means it is working.

How to redeem codes in the knockout city

How to get Hollow bucks in Knockout City

Getting a Hollow buck is very simple in the knockout city and anyone can do it. You don’t have to pay for anything because it is free. You have to go to the menu and click on your crew and then go to contracts and do all the training. After doing it, you will gain 500 hollow bucks Once you complete the training you get more contracts. You also get a thousand XP for every single contract that you do. It is easy to also rank.

Another way to get hollow bucks is to play the game. You will get hollow bucks throughout the season.

Leveling in Knockout City

Every five levels or street ranks you will be awarded a certain number of hollow bucks. Some will give you 50, 100, or even 150. throughout playing the game, you will also receive an energy drink that can boost your XP gain overall or give you a super big XP boost for doing specific things in the game. For example, you can get an XP boost or energy drink that can give you 500 percent more XP to knock out your enemies using your super. If you want more hollow bucks, you need to focus on leveling and use those XP boots when you are still playing.

Contracts are a great way to level up and if you strictly focus on specific ones, it gives you tons of XP that will help you level up multiple times a game and stack up against your hollow bucks and street ranks.

Completing all of your crew contracts rewards XP boosts for your whole crew that can last for the entire season. These XP boosts are stackable, all the way up to a 40 percent XP boost by the end of the season. More XP equals more levels, more levels equals more hollow bucks and more hollow bucks equals more nice outfits and customizations for your brawler and crew. If you are not part of a crew you need to find one and join or create yours and invite some friends. If you don’t have friends too, the knockout city discord is a place to find players who need your skill level to become your crew.

How to Change Settings in Knockout City

Changing settings will help improve your gameplay. It will help you get a little better at playing the game.

Go to the options button, click on it then go to the settings menu. Go to control settings and see controller camera x sensitivity and the controller camera y sensitivity. You can move it to 10. Let me explain why? When you first join in your sensitivity is at 5 and if someone should want to hit you might not see it. In short sensitivity at 5 just makes you slow so is best to move it to 10.

Moving and not moving depends solely on how you want to play your game.

The next settings to change will help your game awareness out a little. First, you have to go to your game settings and click on “border warning thickness” and turn it on “Thickest”.

How to Pass A Ball in Knockout City

Passing the mark of new players and bad players are people who never pass. The reason why passing is so strong in Knockout city is that it gives you a load of overcharge which makes the ball faster. A normal ball without catching or any passes looks red and is not very quick when is thrown. If the ball is passed to your teammate, now it has a load of overcharge. If your teammate also passes the ball back to you, you will have a load of overcharge. Also, if your teammate is holding a ball and you are also holding a ball as well, you pass it and you will have overcharge and you can bounce it back. When the ball becomes overcharged, the color changes to pink with an overcharge arrow on it. The ball is extra faster when it is overcharged.

Another reason why passing is so good is you get the flank. You get the angle. If there’s a teammate behind an enemy, you just pass it to him, and then it will just knock out your enemy dead.

In general, you’re going to want to be passing the ball to the aggressor, whoever is in front should get the ball nine times out of ten. This is because when you close a distance, it’s harder for the enemy to react.

The second thing is that you need to know when to throw the ball. Even a lot of high-level players mess up when throwing the ball. You don’t want to throw the ball nine times out of ten, especially at the high level.

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