7 Carry-On-Friendly Digital Tools for the Frequent Traveler

7 Carry-On-Friendly Digital Tools for the Frequent Traveler

If you’re always on the go, it can be hard to keep track of what’s essential back on the ground. In today’s world, there’s no shortage of digital tools to help you keep organized. There are so many useful apps that searching out the best ones for your needs can quickly turn into information overload. 

As a regular jet setter, you want apps to help your specific ducks stay in a row. Look no further for a curated list of traveler tech must-haves. Here are seven carry-on-friendly digital tools for the frequent traveler. 

Bring a tablet along

Get yourself a quality tablet for the best screen size for PDF files or movies. Tablets strike a balance between easy to carry and yet large enough for ease of use. Different tablets are better for various services, so do a little research and pick yourself up a little companion for your next flight. 

A virtual address

Consider a virtual address from iPostal1 if you’re frequently away from home. It’s hard to keep track of paper mail when you’re rarely in the same city twice, so a virtual address is the perfect worry-soother for your essential correspondence. 

Virtual addresses intercept mail on your behalf and notify you via the internet or your smartphone. From there, you can view your mail and decide what happens to it from scanning, storing, forwarding, or shredding. 

Smartphone with plenty of file space

Space is never at a premium more than on an airplane, and this rule goes double for your devices. Not only do you want enough space to store any critical documents like mobile boarding passes or passport scans, but you’ll also want plenty of space for pictures and downloaded entertainment media. Not to mention some extra legroom for all of the digital tools you’re bringing along with you. 

SeatGuru app

Have you ever gotten on a flight only to discover that your seat has about two inches of legroom? Use the SeatGuru app to help you see which seats recline, have legroom, or are close to the bathrooms. Take your knees out of your flight companion’s backrest and fly in style with this extra intel. 

TripCase app

As a frequent traveler, nothing ruins a trip quite like missing a connection because you didn’t see significant updates to your scheduled flight. 

Use the TripCase app to keep all travel and flight information in one convenient place. This app provides up-to-the-minute flight alerts. You can open it and instantly see changes or delays to your itinerary. It’s also helpful in discovering areas of interest, restaurants, and hotels in your destination city.

XE Currency app

Figuring out currency differences on the fly can be tricky and leave you vulnerable to swindlers. Use the XE Currency app to see the different currency rates in real-time and calculate your exchange rate so that last-minute changes won’t catch you off guard.

Google Drive

Finding reliable Internet can feel like unicorn hunting when you’re on the go. 

If you have work to do on the plane, save important documents on Google Drive. By choosing to enable offline editing, you can work on your documents as much as you need, and the changes will update automatically the next time you’re on the Web. 

Wrap up

Running from place to place doesn’t mean that you have to go off the grid. With these traveler-friendly tech tools, you can stay connected and organized no matter where life takes you.