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The Omega Watch That You Will Need For Your Tropical Adventures

Due to the current pandemic, summer vacations and holidays will be indoors. Most of the things that people miss are going on travels and adventures. Now that things are looking a bit better and travel restrictions are slowly being lifted, it is best to prepare for life outside our houses once again.

On various occasions, there are different watches that one can choose from to accommodate their particular lifestyle. Initially, wristwatches were not designed to be waterproof since their sole purpose is to tell the time accurately and precisely.

The primary focus in the production of watches before was its quality, performance, and aesthetic, and only a few watch manufacturers added the feature of water resistance to some of their timepieces. However, as the feature started to impress and be recognized by the public, more companies started manufacturing wristwatches that were water-resistant to a certain level.

The Ultimate Diving Watch

One of the well-known diving watches in the industry, the Omega Seamaster watch, was first introduced in 1948. This is during Omega’s 100th-anniversary celebration making it one of the oldest models in the catalog. 

The very first model that was released, ironically, was waterproof only until 60 meters deep since it is not a professional diving watch. However, the later models like the Seamaster 300 are now equipped with a water resistance of up to 200 m, which is the same as the Rolex Submariner.

One of the most known features of this timepiece is its hippocampus (seahorse) insignia. The embossed symbol located at the back of the case represents its diving heritage and imitates the image of Neptune riding a hippocampus. This has then been known to be its most recognized trademark.

Even before the release of this specific model, Omega already had a good reputation for diving watches, but when the Omega Seamaster was released, it immediately became one of the popular choices for diving watches and turned out to be the best seller among the Omega models.

This model is also known as the James Bond watch as it was worn by the actor Pierce Brosnan in the movie and was featured in various other parts of the James Bond films. 


The first dress watch version sported a 34 mm case and a white dial which was, later on, switched to a black dial. The recent versions of the model now have a 39 mm diameter case for a clearer reading underwater.

Aside from that, the Omega Seamaster 300 now has a wide arrow hour hand and uses radium which is a luminescent material to define the model’s enlarged indexes. The watch also has a co-axial master chronometer that can resist magnetic fields up to 15,000 gausses.

The watch runs on the Omega Calibre 8800 movement, which has earned a METAS Certified Master Chronometer, and COSC certified chronometer designation with its remarkable -0/+5 seconds per day precision.

This timepiece has another feature that stands out from other diving watches is its date window feature. The wristwatch also has a helium escape valve which is very convenient for divers to resurface. This allows the release of the accumulated helium, which may cause the crystal to pop-off. 

With its vast collection of style options, it is not limited to just being used as a diving watch but is customizable for other occasions, as well. 

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If vintage is what you’re looking for, you can grab the Omega Seamaster 30 at a price under 1,000 US dollars. This first model carries the brand history with its vintage aesthetic. It is powered by a 30 mm hand-wound movement with the Calibre 286, a 17-jewel movement, and a sweep second. It also conveniently has a 42-hour power reserve.

On the other hand, for the price of 4,400 US dollars, you get the high-quality diving watch, Omega Seamaster 300, that is not only suited for underwater adventures but can also be styled for everyday use. Competing with the Rolex Submariner as a diving watch, this watch is worth every penny for its quality and performance at a much affordable price for consumers.


The Omega Seamaster is indeed an icon in the watch industry combining functionality and elegance with its continuous innovations. The testaments by the professional divers who use this watch for different expeditions are more than enough to speak about its greatness.

Now that you know more about this watch, what are you choosing for your next adventure?