Joe Cole speaks on Bruno Fernandes and Cristiano Ronaldo form this season.
Joe Cole speaks on Bruno Fernandes and Cristiano Ronaldo form this season.

Joe Cole speaks on Bruno Fernandes and Cristiano Ronaldo form this season.

Jole Cole claims Bruno Fernande is struggling this season and has praised Cristiano Ronaldo’s impressive season after the Portuguese has saved the Red Devils on multiple occasions.

Bruno Fernandes was unplayable in his first season in the Premier League scoring 26 goals and providing 19 assists in 51 games.

However,the Portugal international has failed to replicate his form last season scoring just 9 goals in 43 outings for the Red Devils.

The Portugal international extended his contract this month and his recent poor form has coincided with Manchester United recent run of poor form.

The Red Devils are likely to miss Champions League  football next season despite Ronaldo’s goal scoring form.

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 26 goals and provided 3 assist in 43 matches for Manchester United  including  17 goals in the Premier League.

What was said?

Joe Cole said:‘Bruno is what I like to call a high-tariff player. ‘He takes risks with the ball, he likes to be the player everything goes through and he’s a tremendous footballer with great technical ability.

‘But I think he’s struggled with the pressure on his shoulders. The team just isn’t working this season. And I feel like Bruno operates a lot better when things are flowing through him.

‘At the moment, obviously you’ve got Ronaldo, and he becomes the pivotal point. Bruno is a rhythm player and needs things going through him and he’ll take chances. And when it doesn’t work, then I feel like he struggles.

‘It highlights the other side of his game, he’s not an amazing presser, he’s not physically good. He’s like a quarterback, he needs to be dictating the play.’

Joe Cole added:‘Ronaldo will score goals. If you put him in front of a goal in ten years’ time, he’ll still put it away. He is just an incredible player who is no doubt one of the greatest of all time.

‘There’s no cohesion at all in this Manchester United team, so the fact he is still managing to score goals is a credit to him.

‘I would imagine Manchester United not winning a trophy is not good enough for him, because no matter how many goals he has scored, he’s such a winner.’

Meanwhile,Paul Merson believes Erik Ten Hag might sell Ronaldo.

Merson claims one of the important decisions Ten Hag will make is the future of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Paul Merson told Sportskeeda that:‘This might be Cristiano Ronaldo’s last year in the Premier League.

‘He’ll want to play in the Champions League – he’s played in it all his career.

‘I’d be surprised if Erik ten Hag wants him there to be honest – he’s trying to build his team, and Ronaldo is 37 years old.

PSG could go for him and make him their short-term replacement for Kylian Mbappe. PSG only want one thing – the Champions League.

‘Ronaldo is a proven asset in the competition – he’s scored goals, he sells shirts, he’s done it all.

‘Ligue 1 is an easy league, and Ronaldo will be able to focus on the Champions League at PSG. With Lionel Messi already at the club, we may well see two of the greatest players of all time playing for the same team.’