The Best Quarterbacks to Watch This NFL Season

Without a doubt, the quarterback is the most important position on a football team. They not only lead the team, but they also lead the action as they work with their receiver and running backs to put points on the board. For the upcoming season, we strongly suggest keeping an eye on these quarterbacks as they are likely to be the most entertaining to watch by far.

Justin Herbert: Los Angeles Chargers

Justin Herbert is one of the best quarterbacks we’ve seen come out of the draft in years. He landed in a great position as the Chargers starting quarterback. While Philip Rivers was a solid and dependable starter, he was never able to take the team to a championship. With the young and exceptionally talented Herbert to build around, the Chargers certainly have a bright future ahead of them.

Herbert’s 2020 campaign was remarkable with 4336 yards and 31 touchdowns for only 10 interceptions. This makes him one of the best quarterbacks in the league and all this at just 23 years old. For his efforts, he received the 2020 Offensive Rookie of the Year award.

Josh Allen: Buffalo Bills

At 6′ 5″, Josh Allen is a big quarterback with a strong arm that is known for his fearless throws down the field. While the beginning of his career was somewhat of a struggle, Allen has blossomed into one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

Combined with receiver Stefon Diggs, we have one of the most dynamic pairs in the NFL today. If you refer to the NFL betting odds, you will see that the Bills are the favorite in many of their 2021 matchups. Allen threw for over 4500 yards and 37 touchdowns in 2021, bringing the Bills all the way to the AFC championship game. Allen has only been getting better, so make sure to tune in for some big Bills games this season.

Trevor Lawrence: Jacksonville Jaguars

While the 2020 draft was a huge year for quarterback prospects, the 2021 NFL draft also has some standouts. The #1 overall selection was Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, who was once considered the best high school quarterback prospect of all time. There is certainly no telling what his performance will be like this season, but it is definitely worth keeping an eye on this talented young athlete.

Of course, the Jacksonville Jaguars received the first draft pick because they have been abysmal in recent years. While there is some talent here for Lawrence to work with in DJ Chark and Marvin Jones, he will need to be resourceful if he wants to be a success in his rookie year.

Patrick Mahomes: Kansas City Chiefs

The biggest AFC threat and the favorite to win the Super Bowl again is the Chiefs led by Mahomes. He is likely the best quarterback alive today and excels in all aspects of the game. He is a strong leader, can throw with great strength and accuracy, and is a phenomenal playmaker and a true “dual threat”. With Mahomes at the helm, the Chiefs are certainly going to be a top team in the AFC again.

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Aaron Rodgers: Green Bay Packers

Rodgers is in an interesting place in his career. At 37 years old, he is in the twilight of his career. For all of his highlight reel throws, all of his come-from-behind wins, and all the years spent grinding without a strong team around him, Rodgers only has one Super Bowl championship. That is a meager figure for someone that is among the most legendary quarterbacks of the modern era.

Rodgers wants another Super Bowl ring, that much is for sure. However, he has been a part of the Green Bay Packers since 2005 and after numerous close calls, it almost feels like it wasn’t meant to be. Rodgers has openly expressed his desire to leave the team and they have stated they are willing to part with him in 2022, that means this could be his last season with Green Bay.

Make sure to follow Rodgers throughout this season. Not only because this may be his last historic year with Green Bay. Not only because of the masterclass performance he had last season with Davante Adams either. Because with everything on the line, this could very well be the year that Rodgers brings another Super Bowl home.