5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Push-on Connector

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Push-on Connector

Push-on connectors make assembly so much easier, allowing you to upgrade the components on your own terms. But the real reason why you should be using a push-on connector is flexibility and safety!
If you’re looking for a faster, safer alternative to old-school connectors, we strongly recommend that you try these products. Here’s why!

1.  Push-on Connectors Are Easy to Use

If you haven’t used a push-on connector yet, this is your sign to start now! Take your bulk TV cables and strip 11 millimeters off the insulation part. Now, put the wire inside the connector with a little bit of force. That is literally all you have to do!

For your peace of mind, conduct a voltage test entry for separate cables. With a pair of crimpers and wire strippers, even DIYers can get their push-on connectors up and running. What’s holding you off?

2. Accepts All Different Types of Wires

Push on connectors are well known for their versatile performance. Their only barrier is the diameter of the wires, which a larger-size connector can easily solve. You can also use bent and stranded conductors up to 2.5mm. Most push-on connectors have multiple ports, which means you can have multiple wires in the same unit.

3. Durable, High-Quality Build

Polycarbonate push-on connectors guarantee a long service life. It doesn’t matter if you take up all the slots. Any push-on connector should last for years as long as you use its selected wire type and size.

Push-on connectors made of flame-retardant materials were the best in our experience.

They usually allow voltage ratings up to 6000V and accept #12 to #22 gauge stranded and solid wire combinations. High-quality push-on connectors can keep super-thin 0.5mm wires in place.

4. Easy to Organize Cables at Home

All push-on connectors have multiple ports, helping you manage several cords at the same time. The connector clamps are color-coded so that you can easily identify a cable. You’ll also find push-on connectors with a clip. They help you add and remove cables with minimum movement at the open wires.   

5. Suitable for All Types of Junctions

Push-on connectors allow you to connect a solid wire to a flexible wire. All you have to do is remove a small insulation strip and push the wire into one of the connector holes. Easy, right?

What’s surprising is that you can also use these connectors for wall-mount and flush-mount junction boxes. Installing connectors for overhead fixtures has never been easier!