Angels in Christianity

Belief of Angels In Christianity

Angels have a big role to play in Christianity. They are believed to be powerful spiritual beings that perform God’s tasks. They act as messengers from God and protect all the creatures created by God.

It is believed that every individual has a guiding angel who watches over them and records everything they do. There are orders of angels in the heavens. In other words, angels are divided into three different groups: Cherubim, Seraphim, and Thrones.

Christians strongly believe in the existence of angels. According to them, angels work alongside God and manage the heavenly land above us. If you have read the Bible, you would know the names of angels mentioned in it.

Why Do Christians Believe in Angels?

Some of you wonder why people believe in angels when they haven’t seen them in their life. First of all, angels are spiritual beings and they don’t have any physical form. In other words, you can only feel their presence in your life.

Christians believe in angels because they want to put their confidence in the existence of angels as they are recognized in their Holy Scriptures. The Holy Bible informs us about the existence of angels. A true Christian will believe what’s written in the Bible. It is their faith that convinces them to believe in angels.

The English term “angel” is derived from a Greek term called “Angelos” which simply means sending a message. As already mentioned once, angels are messengers of God. They bring the message from God, as in the case of John the Baptizer (Mt. 11:10).

The Hebrew version of the term “angel” is also employed by the pre-incarnate Christ. But Jesus is no angel. The first chapter of Hebrews refutes that notion.

The word “angel” defines a heavenly order of beings, below deity, but above humanity.

When Were the Angels Created?

So when were the angels created? It is said that angels were brought into existence at the beginning of the creation week.

All things that were created came into existence during the first week. Since the angels were happy and shouted for joy when the earth was created, it can be assumed that they came into existence during the initial stages of the creation week.

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What Is the Role of Angels?

Angels are spiritual beings that carry out tasks assigned to them by God, the creator. They work with God to manage heaven and also provide protection to human beings and other living beings.

They worship God and are loyal to Him. In ancient times, angels were often assumed to be divine humans who delivered messages for Jehovah. Sometimes they also worked as protectors of the Lord’s people.

Angels have a deep interest in the activities of Christians. When Lazarus expired, his spirit was conveyed to the Hadean realm by angels.

The Lord indicated that on judgment day, angels will help gather evil people out of Lord’s kingdom. It is believed that when Christ returns, He will be accompanied by all the angels.

What Is The Nature Of Angels?

Angels are neither humans nor deities. According to Holy Scriptures, angels are “spirits”. But not much is known about the true nature of a spirit.

It is confirmed that a spirit doesn’t have a physical form. In other words, it does not possess any bones and flesh. Thus, angels do not engage in physical relationships. They are required to follow the law of heaven and the ones who have failed to follow the rules have been cast out from heaven.

In Christianity, angels play a great role. They watch over us and guide us in times of our need.