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How to Find an Immigration Lawyer: The Basics Explained

Are you wondering how to find the best immigration lawyer?

You’re not alone. Every year, millions of people in the U.S. seek the help of immigration attorneys when navigating various immigration issues.

Perhaps you’re an immigrant who’s seeking to be admitted to the country and you’ve been overwhelmed with the paperwork. Or you’re an employer who’s looking to hire foreign service workers.

Regardless of your current situation, it’s clear you need to lawyer up. But with so many immigration attorneys around, it’s not easy to zero in on one you can count on to protect your interests and get the job done.

We’re here to help you. Continue reading to learn how to find an immigration lawyer who suits your needs.

Get Recommendations

If you’re in the position to get recommendations from the people around you, do it. Using recommendations is an effective way to find a good attorney. If a friend or relative has used an immigration attorney before and they liked their services, they’ll tell you about it.

What if you’re not in a position to get recommendations from real people? Perhaps you’re an immigrant who just arrived in the country and you need an attorney to help you. You don’t know anybody.

Well, in that case, you can simply go online and lookup the top-rated lawyers in that area.

Either way, you shouldn’t hire any lawyer just because they’re the first professional you find. Have options then narrow down on the best.

Ask Whether They’re Licensed

In the United States, it’s a requirement that attorneys carry a law license that’s state-specific.

When you’re looking for an immigration attorney, therefore, it’s super important to ensure they’re not only licensed but also licensed to practice in your current state of residence.

It’s also important to verify that the lawyer is indeed licensed before you hire them. There are fake immigration attorneys all over, so if you don’t do due diligence, you might fall victim to a scammer and lose your money and time.

Go to the state’s board (or use their online license verification service) to ensure an attorney is properly licensed.

Look at Field of Focus

An immigration attorney is well-versed with various areas of immigration law, but it’s not uncommon for lawyers to specialize in certain areas.

For example, you can find an immigration lawyer who specializes in working with businesses that need to hire foreign workers. You can also find an attorney who exclusively works with immigrants.

When you’re hiring an immigration lawyer, you want to find someone who focuses on dealing with cases like yours. If you’re facing deportation, for example, you shouldn’t be interviewing a lawyer who focuses on working with businesses.

However, if you need help with multiple immigration issues, consider hiring a law firm with a team of immigration lawyers. See here for a good example.

Hire the Best Immigration Lawyer

If you’re facing an immigration issue, there could a lot at stake. This is why you want to find the best immigration lawyer. With this guide, you’re now in a better position to find an attorney who will serve you competently.

All the best and keep reading our blog for more helpful tips and advice.