Making Every Moment Count with Timezone in Cebu, Philippines

Experience the peak of entertainment and recreation in the Time Zone in Cebu, Philippines.

For more than 50 years, Time Zone with its arcade games and recreational facilities has brought joy and excitement to people of different generations all around the world. Whether wanting to kill time or catch up with old friends, people consider Time Zone venues as the perfect places to unwind and have fun. Over these years, Time Zone has provided Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) featuring arcade games, exciting prizes, and party packages that have never failed to foster camaraderie and raise excitement among families and friends who come over to bond and enjoy the day together.

A Family Entertainment Center

With its focus on providing Family Entertainment Centers, Time Zone features games that promote social interaction, competition, and safety. It features highly interactive games equipped with ample seating capacity in every venue. This makes the Time Zone the ideal place for family members to enjoy time together. People of all ages, from kids to grandparents, would surely get their chance to share the fun and laughter. In the Time Zone, they find the perfect place to celebrate and hang out.

A place to celebrate

Whether the event is a child’s birthday, a team-building activity, or a corporate party, Time Zone is the perfect venue to celebrate. Special party packages are offered for any occasion to groups who wish to spend the day bonding together with fun and games. Bowling lanes are also available for exclusive use, where players can compete to achieve the highest score. Time Zone brings out the best of recreation and competition that strengthen the bonds within groups and make celebrating milestones memorable and special.

A place to hang out

The variety of recreational opportunities found in the Time Zone has always enticed groups of friends to come over and bond together. From simple bowling and billiard games to an awesome 9D virtual reality unit, opportunities for fun are endless. Impressive console gaming systems like the Cruis’n Blast and Midnight Maximum Tune 6 feature panoramic monitors and gaming rigs, challenging friends to show off their driving and racing skills in friendly competition and providing them with a true-to-life racing experience. For those who love to sing, they get their chance to activate their inner recording artist with Time Zone’s SoundStage, where they can sing along and record their favorite songs. These are only some of the fun features that make Time Zone a timeless staple for every hangout session.

A place to redeem rewards

Hard work from competing and winning in games also calls for its rewards. With prize shops found in Time Zone, well-earned tickets can be redeemed from a wide selection of prizes, ranging from cute plush toys to cool electronics. These exciting prizes would serve as a rewarding conclusion to a day’s worth of competitive hustle at Time Zone.

The search for entertainment and recreation is indeed over with Time Zone in Cebu, Philippines. Families and friends can just simply come over to the nearest Time Zone venue, load up their Time Zone Power Cards, and get the fun started. Spending the day with fun games, fulfilling rewards, and priceless memories at Time Zone makes every moment count.