Enter Free Competitions and win freebies

Ever thought about registering in free competitions and winning freebies? If you haven’t thought of it yet, then start participating in free competitions on UK deals and giveaways websites. So start participating and be one step closer to giveaways. You can enrol in the competitions for free and then start referring it to friends. Your friends can also enroll in the free competitions to win exciting prizes and giveaways. 

How to start over with participating? 

Since they are free competitions, you don’t need to pay any charge, to begin with participating in the same. You have to sign up on the website and then you can enter these free competitions. Always try to grab the deals as you see them. The prices can change at any time. The discounts on any item keep changing always. 

Stuff you can win through the competitions 

You can win a variety of things from the free competitions. Be it your favourite sweatshirt, sneaker or the latest iPhone 13. You will get to win all of these, that too free. You also get exclusive discounts on some. You may get a discounted item or a freebie. There are different types of free competitions, you just need to select the one you want to participate in. 

Where can you participate in these UK free competitions? 

You can simply go to the website UK deals and giveaways. Then from the menu option, you can select any category of product you want to win from free competitions or giveaways. Then you have to select any product you want to win from any category. As soon as you select the product, you will be provided with a new webpage. The webpage will have an enter competition icon. You need to click on the icon and you will be directed to the competition. 

What are the other pros of the website along with winning competitions? 

Aside from winning competitions and freebies, you can also win bonus points from the website. You can win 250 bonus points when you sign up. As soon as you collect 1000 bonus points, you can exchange the same with a coupon if you want to. You just need to email them or contact them through any other means and you would be done. 

Winning an iPhone 13 for yourself and giving a good cause

If we start with one example from the other competitions, this is one. We all know iPhone 13 has been recently launched. Not everyone would love to invest a lot on a phone and buy it. But what if you can win it for free! A mini iPhone 13 for free sounds amazing. You can enter the competition and give a good reason why any charity you know deserves to be rewarded with a sum of money. If your reason seems to be strong, your chosen community will win the reward. In return, you will win a mini iPhone 13 for yourself. So you can win for yourself and also give something to any charity you always wanted to. 

How to apply for a voucher if you want to?

You have to collect a sum of 1000 points in the order you want to redeem the voucher in return for that. Then you can further continue with collecting 1000 points all over again. You just need to mail them to their email address with the information that you have collected 1000 points successfully. You will be made available with a voucher in return. You can use the same voucher when participating in the contests and can use them for extra discounts on the items. Though the website itself produces amazing discounts, still you can double it up with their amazing vouchers. 

How to start collecting points?

You can start collecting points from the very moment you sign up. On signing up, you are rewarded with 250 points. Also when setting up your profile picture, you are awarded 125 points. You can collect more than 125 points when you set up your profile background. You can also earn points for your passion for participating in contests and winning them. This is because you are going to earn 1 point daily for your daily visits to the website. 

Share the posts and win bonus points 

At the end of the posts, there is an option to share the same on Facebook or Twitter. You can share wherever you want to. As you share on any one of them, you are rewarded with points. When you share a post on Facebook, you are rewarded with 3 points. And when you refer to the same on the Twitter account you are awarded one point. You can also refer to the same among your friends and win a bonus of 5 points. Just remember that you have to share them on an active social media account, or you won’t be awarded any points. Instead, you will have to give up some of your points because of your malpractice and shortcut to win bonus points. 

What should you avoid to prevent cancelling your membership?

There are some precautions you need to follow to avoid so that your membership doesn’t get cancelled. 

  • You should not share the posts with inactive accounts. 
  • Sharing the posts privately to any accounts.
  • Do not spam the comment section with meaningless comments. This will not help you win any point. Because for every comment you do, you get to win 1 point.
  • Always try to gain bonus points without any shortcuts.

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So from winning freebies to getting amazing discounts, UK free competitions are a mixture of everything you were looking for to buy your favourite hoodie or sneaker or your favourite beauty set. You get amazing deals because of the clearance sales that they put up on their website. From the menu section, you can choose anyone according to your need and shop for the same. There is also a freebie section you can go to and win free prizes.