What are the Best Ways to Display your ID Cards

What are the Best Ways to Display your ID Cards

When you launch an ID card system in your organization, school, hospital, factory, or any other place where hundreds of people work together, don’t forget to think about where and when you want the badges to be displayed.

Some cards are best to keep in wallets, while others need to be openly displayed but kept in place using a secure attachment.

While visiting cards and loyalty cards are not intended for identification and are often stowed away in a purse or wallet when not in use, employee and visitor badges are used as identification sources and need to be kept visible to be seen even from a distance.

If you want your cards to be kept on easy display, you need to choose the right ID badge holder to solve your purpose. There are multiple ways to wear an ID card, depending on the company’s requirements and preferences. Some identification cards need photo identification, while others don’t.

So, here are a few display options that you can choose from:


Suitable for just about any work environment, the lanyard keeps an ID badge safely fastened around the wearer’s neck. It is a simple way to keep an ID card on display, thereby ensuring visibility. They are most commonly distributed among visitors, club members, and volunteers.

Many businesses get lanyards customized to improve their branding and make their employees easier to identify. You may buy lanyards in several sizes, colors, and types of attachments. You may also get your company logo, URL, or brand message imprinted on them.

Badge Holder

A badge holder allows you to effectively attach your ID card directly to your belt, lanyard, pocket, or a piece of your garment. Apart from holding the card in place, it also protects it from scuff and other elements of wear and tear. That is why they are commonly used in environments where lots of physical work is involved, such as construction sites and factories. You may also pair a badge holder with a reel or lanyard.

Badge Reel

A badge reel is typically connected to the wearer’s belt and pocket for easy access. Convenient to wear and comfortable to use, these are ideal attachments for badges worn by employees and volunteers. They are cheaply priced and are made up of different materials to suit your badge program.

You may get these badge reels customized to display your company’s logo or URL. They are great to wear at workshops and conventions. Most importantly, they stay out of your way when you work wearing them.

Strap Clip

Transparent strap clips made of vinyl can fix your ID badge directly onto your clothing. You may also combine it with other attachments like badge reels and lanyards for added protection. Easy to maneuver and flexible to use, these clips remain invisible to the eye while keeping your badge securely.

Magnetic Attachment

These are convenient attachments that contain a steel plate and a magnet to stick on the backside of your card. These attachments fix on your fabrics without creating holes in them or damaging their crease. Due to this, they are ideal attachments for suits and uniforms.

Hole-Punching ID Card

You need to make a hole in your ID card to attach it to a lanyard, strap clip, or badge reel, except for an ID badge holder. You can find these slot punches in both tabletop and handheld styles.

So, all these are wonderful ways to display your ID cards. Use any of these ID badge holders in high quality to last long and solve your purpose well. Just keep your application in mind while choosing the right holder for your ID badge.

ID cards enable the display of credentials and control access to your facility. Therefore, when you choose a badge holder, ensure to factor in your organization’s identity and security requirements.