Picoworkers is a Microtask website that offers the opportunity to freelancers to work online. In short, they are the marketplace for freelancers. They have been operating for quite a while and have served many satisfied employers and workers.
Picoworkers is a Microtask website that offers the opportunity to freelancers to work online. In short, they are the marketplace for freelancers. They have been operating for quite a while and have served many satisfied employers and workers.

Picworkers Review: Revealing the Hidden Secrets For Workers and Employers

If you are reading this today, I suppose you are here to find out whether Picoworkers is a scam or legit. Well, you are in the right place as today I’m going to reveal the truth about Picoworkers through this review. Grab a cup of coffee and follow the discussion into details as I have more secrets for you.

On like many people writing articles about services they have no practical experience with, this review is from my 2 years’ experience with Picoworkers as a worker and an employer.

What is Picoworkers?

Picoworkers is a Microtask website that offers the opportunity to freelancers to work online. In short, they are the marketplace for freelancers. They have been operating for quite a while and have served many satisfied employers and workers.

In 2018, I was kind of hustler, searching everywhere for jobs of which they scammed me many times until I joined Picoworkers. Many have shared pleasurable experiences about Picoworkers, while others accuse them of scam, others believe they are genuine, but what is the truth?

Where is Picoworkers Located?

Picoworkers is an American company owned and run by Americans in partnership with administrators from around the world. On their “Wall of Fame,” Picoworkers disclosed few partners who agreed to their personal data be made public.

Whiles their pictures were not added, they made their email addresses public to avoid doubts. As at the time of this review, they made the following names public, Tibin Sunny, Parag Bagade, Md.Morsalin and Muhamamd Julfikar Hyder. Basically, we may not conclude yet however it’s clear those are part owners of the business. To find them, please go here: https://picoworkers.com/wall-of-fame.php

Summarized in proper terms, Picoworkers can be to referred to as a freelance website that connects workers and employers around the world. Employers looking to complete minor tasks termed as Small Gigs can hire Workers for easy and quick jobs (Small Jobs) where Workers become their virtual Assistants.

How to Succeed as a Worker on Picoworkers.

Though you can register just once on Picoworkers, you can use the same account as an employer and a worker. Follow tight whiles I reveal the secrets to succeeding as a worker.

Initially, when I started off as a worker, I was always complaining about the site. I thought the administrators were not fair; they banned many of my friends. That didn’t deter me until I worked around to accumulate all the secrets. If you haven’t registered yet, then go here to register. We shall break down how to Succeed as a worker on Picoworkers:

How to Create Picoworkers Account:

  1. Go to Picoworkers
  2. Click on Sign up.
  3. Fill the required details to complete the process.
  4. Confirm your email from your inbox

How to work on Picoworkers

Here is where the actual challenge lies. Picoworkers provide a nice interface for workers to complete many tasks within a short time. The bad news is, you must be very familiar with how to navigate that site to succeed. Let’s delve deeper in steps:

  1. Login your account and click on Find Jobs. Find Jobs (Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/uoiajy)
  2. Read the Job Instruction
  3. Perform the task as requested by the employer.
  4. When done, scroll down to the required proof. Required proofs are evidence the employer expects from the worker to be sure they completed job. If the required proof is wrong, the employer may deny your payment. So you need to take a critical look at what you submitting to the employer.

The following video resources will help you understand how everything works.

How to Spot High-Paying Jobs on Picoworkers.

You are not the only one hungry, are you? Because of that, there is a tight competition on the jobs posted on the website. You need to find the appropriate job, complete them as requested to get paid.  Many mistakes workers do is that they are in haste to do newly posted jobs rather than searching for jobs that they can perform correctly.

But how can I search for jobs by preference? No worries. Picoworkers have included a new filter option that allows workers to search for jobs by categories, types, paying amount, and geographical location. Here is a screenshot: https://prnt.sc/uoibkf

How to Withdraw Money from Picoworkers

Picoworkers has advanced its payment methods compared to competitors like Zeerk. Why do you think most freelancers choose Picoworkers over other freelance and Microtask websites? Payments methods are crucial to workers’ activities. What is the point if you can’t withdraw your earnings after your hustle? Picoworkers has 3 withdrawal methods such as PayPal, Skrill and Crypto currencies.

Most platforms limit their withdrawal method to PayPal while knowing PayPal is not global. To me, most people choose Picoworkers because you can withdraw anywhere with Crypto currencies. To withdraw:

  1. Login your account
  2. Go to Wallet 
  3. Click on Request Withdrawal
  4. Select your Payment method to proceed

Click on Request Token – This is a security measure to keep your account safe. A security code will be generated instantly once you have selected request token. Login your email address, copy the code and enter in the box shown to you. Once the code is entered, you can send your withdrawal request for review.

How to Withdraw Money from Picoworkers?
How to Withdraw Money from Picoworkers

Why Picoworkers Will Ban Your Account (Worker)

Several others have complained that their accounts are being banned for no apparent reasons. Well, that’s entirely false per my 2 years’ experience with Picoworkers. If they will ban you, then there’s a legitimate reason. Here are few reasons I know:

  1. Using VPN: As part of their initiative to protect the interest of employers, Picoworkers have enacted an aggressive policy on the use of VPN and proxy use. They see this as a high degree crime on their website. Once caught, no amount of apology will let them reverse their decision. Well, as an employer, I support this call. It’s annoying and waste employers’ time and energy to notice VPN on your website. To earn a decent money and withdraw, avoid using proxy or VPN.
  2. Spamming: This is another death trap. If you are the type who wish to be spamming or sending the same proofs over without completing the jobs, then be ready to get banned. Picoworkers will protect the employers over your selfish interest and ban you outright.
  3. Multiple Accounts: Creating over one account is another crime. If you are planning to do so, stop it else they will ban you. They require each user to have only one account and a unique IP address. It will interest you to know that they do not allow you to login from any device that another worker has logged in before. Refer to their FAQs for more information.

What is Temporal Success Rate?

Have you been working and suddenly you receive a notification “Your Temporal Success Rate is Too Low”. It’s annoying but be rest assured, this is one strategy of the website to fight spammers.

Temporal Success rate is mathematically the percentage of satisfied task in the last fifty (50) days as against your Not Satisfied ratings and pending tasks. What it means is that, if too many of your jobs are rejected by employers, they will limit your chances of doing more jobs. It will be in your own interest to do only jobs that you are sure of. Better still, avoid sending wrong proofs because you will shoot yourself in the foot.

What is Temporal Success Rate
Pictorial View of Temporal Success Rate on Picoworkers

Conclusion on Working with Picoworkers.

Picoworkers is great platform to work and earn well. Many people have confirmed earning more income, however it requires patience. The good news about Picoworkers is that they are skyrocketing. Do not be surprised if they become a big company like Fiverr and so.

If you have followed keenly, they have upgraded the site 3 times in 2019-2020 alone with much advanced features. This is a sign of a business forging to be a leading industry.

Revealing Employers’ Secrets

Have you not been skeptical about “why employers ask you to watch 3 minutes video” and pay you? You might wonder, but here are the full details. You can also become the next employer and make huge money on Picoworkers if you follow the instructions carefully.

Most of the employers are digital marketers marketing products for their clients. They take jobs from busy clients, charge them and ask you to do them on Picoworkers where they share part of the profit with you. How can you also become an employer in few minutes? In this tutorial we are assuming you want to be an employer who post App downloads on Picoworkers and pay workers $0.20 per task:

How to Become Employer on Picoworkers

  1. First, Click here to Fiverr and create an account
  2. Create a Gig, and promise Clients that you will give them permanent downloads and reviews. Example: https://bit.ly/3j5Wrpv. Make sure you are charging more than how much you will pay in total on Picoworkers.
  3. Once you get a client, go to Picoworkers and create a new campaign in the Download + Install category.
  4. Once workers finish the job on Picoworkers, you are free to deliver the job on Fiverr and get paid. You are likely to earn twice the amount you spent on Picoworkers. Have you got the clue? Ask me questions in the comments below, I will reply.

This is not only about app download and Fiverr, you can do on other platforms and choosing categories that best interest you. Let’s consider offers and surveys. Have you noticed employers asking you to complete surveys and offers, but you wonder what they gain? Here is the secret. It’s CPA and affiliate marketing they are doing.

They make huge money when a worker complete just a survey or offer rightly. Let’s check this example also:

  1. Go to MyLead global
  2. Sign up for an account
  3. Confirm email and run to Panel or Home
  4. Choose an offer to promote. There are a host of offers available such as PPI (Pay Per Install – Mostly for apps and softwares), content lockers (offers that require you to complete a survey before visiting a website or landing page).
  5. Click Join, once accepted, copy the link and create a campaign on Picoworkers. Target only countries where the offer exists and submit for review. Once workers complete the offer genuinely, you are paid by the Affiliate network (MyLead Global).

Clue to succeed as Employer

I recommend that you choose an offer that pays more, that after paying workers on Picoworkers, you should be able to make a profit. This is the tremendous secret you will find nowhere. Now you are an employer on Picoworkers. You can create campaigns and also pay workers and make big money.

How to make money on Picoworkers as employer
Affiliate dashboard of MyLead Global

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Campaign not Converting?

This is a concern for most employers on Picoworkers, especially if you are running Survey or an Offer. Though the causes might be dynamic, the general causes are because you are promoting an offer which the majority of workers have completed already. Example; about half the workers have signed up to Star-Clicks website already.. The tricking part is, all affiliate networks have a cookie tracker that keeps the data of the worker from their first visit. It means even if the worker comes back to the site with a different affiliate link, the new employer will not be credited.

How to solve this? As an employer, always check the Picoworkers job page and avoid surveys or offers that is popularly promoted by other employers. Search your affiliate network and come out with offers that are new. In this way, almost all workers who do the job will convert for you. Bingo!!

Why are workers not doing my Job on Picoworkers?

Sometimes it’s just not because the workers hate you, but because the job is too difficult. Always search for an affiliate that is simple to do but with higher earning. In that case, workers will complete your job easily. One other reason workers may not do your job is a bad rating. If you are a fun of Misrating workers, you will end up being blocked by majority of the workers. This action prevent workers from seeing your future jobs and eventually you lose.

Is Picoworkers Legit or Scam?

I have seen this question many times and I wonder the credibility of those who say Picoworkers is a scam. Obviously they are not a scam. If you break any of the rules I mentioned above, you will get blocked without prior notice. Read their terms, play according to the rules only. The tasks on their site require more activities from workers, which results in spamming. As a step to protect their platform, the site will block you once they get evidence.

How Does Picoworkers Referral Work?

Picoworkers pays you 5% commission for each deposit or satisfied task your down-line complete. This referral bonuses are permanent and you will keep receiving bonuses forever. The earned commission will be added to your account balance within 30 days after the purchase has cleared or after a member’s work has been rated as satisfied.

To see your Affiliate link, login your account and click on Account settings. Select Programs and Offers to access your affiliate link. To see your earnings, you need to click Affiliate Satistics

How to Delete Picoworkers Account

Did you Sign up to Picoworkers by mistakes? Didn’t Picoworkers meet your needs? Well, previously you couldn’t delete accounts yourself however if you insist on deleting your Picoworkers account, you will need to contact their team via support and send them a messaging stating that you want your account deleted. It will be deleted on your behalf in few minutes.

As stated, Picoworkers is improving each day. They have introduced a Self-Delete system where you can delete Picoworkers accounts on your own. To delete your account, follow the steps:

  1. Login your account and select Account Settings
  2. Scroll down and select Delete Account
  3. Confirm deletion. That’s all you are set.

Conclusion on Picoworkers.

Picoworkers is a nice place to be as an employer and worker. The website interface is cool and easy to navigate. One of the best I have ever enjoyed is the customer service. Have you encountered their support team before? You are missing much if you haven’t tried them yet. They have one of the most prompt and active support service to address your needs at anytime.

As we draw down the curtain on this discussion, I appreciate you stopping by to read this long and exciting Picoworkers review article. Have you had an uncommon experience with Picoworkers, please leave a comment below. I will be glad to read your experiences with Picoworkers. Cheers!!