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6 Reasons Why Whatsapp May Delete Your Account

In social media terms, Whatsapp has become a basic necessity of the populace and it’s the major communication tool in the 21st century. That being said, Whatsapp may delete your accounts with reasons best known to them.According 99firms, about 1.5 billion people actively use Whatsapp in nearly 180 countries across the globe and One million people on the average register on WhatsApp daily.

With that been said, Whatsapp has had a sharp and vigorous terms lately regarding its usage. Many accounts are deleted daily, whiles some affected victims may be innocent or naive of offense, others are genuinely abusing for many reasons known to them.

You might woke up one morning to realize your account has been deleted or disabled and you maybe questioning your stars. These 7 seven reasons maybe the main cause;

Sharing of Virus Messages; Whatsapp prohibit suspicious and Spam messages. Whatsapp since bought by Facebook has been tighten its security and issued a number of technology to safeguard the users of Whatsapp. Discovering your account has been deleted might be one of the biggest blow since you may lose all viable groups and chats you owned. To avoid been deleted, please verify all your message links and content and be sure they are harmless before sharing. Whatsapp virus message

Adding Unknown People to Groups; Have you noticed the first requirement of using Whatsapp is granting them access to scan your contacts? Whatsapp has a record of your contact list hence know people who are not part of your list. Adding multiple people outside the list could force whatsapp to delete your account. Whatsapp just like Facebook are for people you have already made contacts with and sort their permission to message them. It’s a bleach of privacy if you add people to groups without their concerns. Whatsapp groups

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Copyrights Infringement; According to Tech-Reviews Whatsapp “prohibits its users from sending or uploading images, videos or any other content that is protected by copyrights, privacy, intellectual property or other property rights”. You will find yourself in trouble if you make this a repeated activities. Whatsapp copyright

Identity Theft; Identity theft according to Search Security described it as identity fraud and it’s is a crime in which an impostor obtains key pieces of personally identifiable information, such as Social Security or driver’s license numbers, in order to impersonate someone else. It will serve you no good to steal the identity of people. The company totally prohibit the impersonation and identity forging and won’t spend time without deleting your account. It is presume Identity thefts do that to scam others. Pretty much you might be asking yourself how did I steal identity? Sure are you using your own image as a profile? Profile picture is meant for us, it’s advisable to either leave your profile blank or use pictures that are yours.

Severally Blocked; This remain the most powerful breach tat get a lot of people’s accounts deleted. How do you know you have been blocked on whatsapp? You probably might want to check Live-wire article on how to determine who blocks your accounts. Whatsapp keeps records of how many times you have been blocked and the number of people who have blocked you. Once the number keeps pilling up, the company’s system will detect you as a threat and may ban you forever. Whatsapp has made it a point to eliminate abuse, intimidation and unnecessary attacks from social media.

Mass Messaging; Mass messaging also known bulk messaging is a process of heavily distributing messages automatically through a software from the computer or any source, or by manually sending messages to countless people at ago. Whatsapp will not delete you for a first or second time but once it becomes a regular activity, the company could delete you permanently. In your best interest, be advised not to frequently blast messages on Whatsapp from your device.

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Save yourself from troubles by reading through the terms and conditions and Privacy Policies of Whatsapp.

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