Fourerr Review: How Does It Work? Is Fourerr Legit, Scam or Worth it?

Fourerr Review: How Does It Work? Is Fourerr Legit, Scam or Worth it?

With pandemic taking over, almost most people feel comfortable as freelancers than walking every day to various offices. If you here, I suppose you are looking for a Fourerr review.

For what is considered the Fiverr alternative, Fourerr has emerged as a fast-growing freelance market place for multiple skills around the world. We will consider how Fourerr works? Is Fourerr Legit, Scam, or Worth it?

With hunger and job hunt everywhere, if you want to earn a reasonable amount of money every month then you got a lot of work to do harder research especially if you want to be a freelancer. It’s not easy on Fiverr as the competition is soo huge. This is the reason why many are searching each day for Fiverr alternatives. We shall consider the following:

  • What is Fourerr?
  • How does Fourerr work?
  • Is Fourerr Legit or Scam? 
  • Fourerr vs  Zeerk
  • Type of Gigs on Fourerr
  • Payment Methods on Fourerr
  • Fourerr alternatives
  • Conclusion on Fourerr

What is Fourerr?

If you have read my review on Zeerk, you will notice that Fourerr is a clone version of the same freelance platform. Fourerr is a market place for smaller gigs and has been in business not so long. Users can sell smaller services such as YouTube views, App reviews, and many smaller tasks for as low as 3 dollars.

How does Fourerr work?

Fourerr is synonymous with other buyers and sellers’ market place like Zeerk, Fiverr, SEOclerks but they are more in line with Picoworkers for the chase of smaller gigs such as YouTube, Instagram, and the many smaller related gigs. On Fourerr you will come across a host of gig providers who are willing to offer you small gigs at a small fee.

What makes Fourerr more different? Their specialization is small gigs. On Fourerrthe gigs are dispersed just like on Fiverr. The sellers create profiles and create gigs, expressing their skills and what they are good at. Buyers who are interested go straight to buy the services or contact the gig provider for questioning/inquiries and a custom offer. Some of the gigs offered include the following categories:

Best Sellers and Selling Gigs on Fourerr

  • Trust Flow Blog Comments Backlinks
  • Organic USA 500+ YouTube Subscriber in your Channel, Real Active Users, Refill Guaranteed.
  • Organic 2000+ YouTube Video Views & 100 Likes, Real Active Users, Non-Droop Guaranteed.
  • 90000 organic web traffic for 30 days to your website
  • Instant 2000+ Likes or 120k+ Video Views, Fast Delivery Guarantee

Is Fourerr Legit or Scam? 

If you ask me whether or not is Fourerr legit or a scam, I have just one answer: a big no. Fourerr has proven to be a legit freelance platform and pays workers very often. They have a minimum $5 withdrawal quota of which you can request withdrawals at any time. During my reviews, I sold a few gigs in article writing. I got only one order however it was a good test.

Fourerr vs  Zeerk

I don’t know who is the brain behind these two platforms but it’s obvious those two business owners know each other. When I was working with Zeerk, there was nothing like Flourerr. One morning I received a marketing email from Flourer asking me to join the platform. The question is how they get my email when I have not signed up yet?

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The interface of both platforms is the same, in fact, a clone version of Zeerk is Flourerr however that isn’t enough reason to disappoint. They provide the same service as Zeerk and have been paying workers since I joined.

There’s no difference between both if you ask me. Same services, same interface, same payment methods, etc.

Payment Methods on Fourerr

Fourerr has a lot of limitations just as Zeerk when it comes to Payment methods. At the moment, Fourerr offers payments via PayPal only. That makes it difficult for global activities due to the fact that most freelancers are international whiles PayPal doesn’t operate in every country. Many have agitated for different options of which is one of my support tickets with them, they promised to consider.

Fourerr alternatives

  • The first Fourerr alternative is Zeerk as it’s obvious they cloned them and use almost every interface.
  • We can also mention Picoworkers. Picoworkers offers a variety of smaller gigs such as YouTube followers, Instagram followers, etc. I consider them as the masters of smaller gigs and you can have workers for almost every activity small. Buyers who are referred to as Employers can run campaigns with as low as $2. One thing I have come to like about them is their customer support, very swift and calm with clients.
  • SEOclerks.  Priding themselves as the champion of SEO packages, SEOclrks offer different types of SEO gigs. In fact, they are more focused on SEO than anything else. Their services range from backlinks, content writing, guest posting, and many others. It’s the complete SEO platform you don’t wanna miss.

Conclusion on Fourerr

In general, Fourerr is a good market place for buyers and sellers of digital services. This Fourerr review has shown that they are a legit platform and considering that they are newer and with less competition unlike Fiverr, this is the best time to Sign up as a seller. 

New sellers are likely to review quickly on Fourerr if your gigs are well-positioned. They also have options to boost your gig which is a good advantage for sellers. You can start earning immediately if you invest in a featured gig.

That’s being said, if you are looking for bigger gigs for bigger money at once, I will recommend you joining Elance, Guru, Fiverr, Freelancer and many other know platforms.

If you are a buy or seller, you might want to try and give me feedback. Leave your comments below to share your experiences.