In the wake of Covid-19 and other misfortunes impacting the regular office-space jobs is gradually changing the way human seek jobs. The internet is recently taking all the jobs and you must be fast to adapt. What is Zeerk?

Zeerk Review: How Does It Work? Is Zeerk Legit, Scam or Worth it?

In the wake of Covid-19 and other misfortunes impacting the regular office-space jobs is fading the way human seek jobs. The internet is recently taking all the jobs and you must be fast to adapt. What is Zeerk?

Today comes another opportunity to discuss a very slightly popular freelance platform known as Zeerk. How does Zeerk work, Is Zerk Legit, Scam, or Worth the hustle? often referred to as Zeerk is a freelance platform that freelancers connect, sell, and buy gigs. Many have referred to Zeerk as the Fiverr alternative but I see that as totally false. Whiles Fiverr deals with bigger gigs, is the direct opposite. They provide smaller gigs similar to Picoworkers but slightly above. Don’t worry yet, by the time we are done with Zeerk review, you will understand why it’s worth the try. We shall discuss the following:

  • What is Zeerk
  • How does Zeerk Works?
  • Is Zeerk legit or a Scam?
  • How to Make money on Zeerk?
  • How much one can earn from Zeerk in a Month?
  • Withdrawal methods on
  • Pros and Cons of Zeerk

How Does Zeerk Work?

I prefer to have the practical experience and then share my thoughts. I signed up to 2 months ago with just one aim, “to test the system”. Zeerk contains most features like any other freelance platform however they specialize in smaller gigs minimum of $3 and above. It is a market place for smaller gigs. If you are looking for bigger money, I will advise you to look away but of course, people are making beer money on Zeerk.

Do you know how it’s done on Fiverr? On Zeerk too, sellers list the services (gigs) they can offer and interested buyers may contact them. If the buy is okay with the gig and explanations by the seller, the buyer then purchases the gig or request a custom offer from the seller.

Have you been to Amazon or Alibaba to buy anything? Yep, Zeerk is the middle man for the buyer and seller here, ensuring that nobody is cheated and each one is treated fairly. I created my first gig and waited some time for orders which I had non but a few weeks later, I got a chat email from Zeerk. I checked and someone had contacted me for App reviews, you might want to check:

My first gig on Zeerk. Is zeerk legit?
My first gig on

Is Zeerk legit or a Scam?

With most internet platforms unregulated, of course, yes everyone is worried when he or she will have to deposit this hard-earned money to a faceless platform. First of all, I checked the domain age. was first registered on July 19, 2010, 07:39:53 which shows that they have been in business for 10 years.

After completing a few orders, I requested for withdrawals. Zeerk allows withdrawals as low as $5. A total of 70 dollars were made and withdrawn.

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So the short answer here is, No, Zeerk is not a scam and does not do scamming activities. What I consider scam is what individual buyers intend to do to themselves at the blind side of Zeek administrators, however, they have some good bots and administrators who monitor every activity to ensure peace and fairness. It’s best to avoid gigs that look questionable and these may be potential fake sellers, same issues on Fiverr. My Withdrawals on

My Withdrawals on

How to Make money on Zeerk?

Too me I saw making money on Zeerk is easy compared to Fiverr. They are into small gigs such as App reviews, article writing, Social media followers, Playing songs on Spotify, Watching YouTube videos, etc.

To make money on Zeerk, you need first Sign up and sell your skills by creating a gig that you wish to offer. You will need to:

  • Create your account and set up your profile
  • Create your small gig
  • Add some featured pictures or videos
  • Set up a package. Minimum package is $3
  • Set up a deadline and submit for review

When approved, your gig becomes visible, popular and buyers begin to contact you if they are interested. Well, to be honest, you need to do extra work by sharing your gig on other platforms.

How much one can earn from Zeerk in a Month?

Apparently I can’t tell since I joined Zerk for just testing purposes but what I noticed from my $70 earning shows that you can earn up t $200 a month is your gig is popular and well-advertised. Zeerk provides a variety of services of which you can sell your skills.  Your location and success rate might affect your earning.

Withdrawal methods on

I think this is the limitation of almost all Freelance platforms. Same as this, they have only one withdrawal method which is PayPal. In other words, no PayPal no payments. I was fortunate to have a PayPal address to request withdrawals which were super easy. Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours of placing a request which makes it super cool.

Pros and Cons of Zeerk Freelance

Of course, every business has strengths and weaknesses of which Zeerk isn’t left out. Let’s delve in:

Pros of Zeerk

  • Fast withdrawal method
  • Easy to create gigs
  • They are no much competition unlike Fiverr and co
  • Minimum withdrawal is $5 which is super cool
  • Site is straight forward
  • Zeerk has some cool and proactive customer support who replies every message you ask them

Cons of Zeerk

  • Buyers are limited which makes earning difficult
  • It’s for smaller gigs which means that you can’t earn much
  • Though not confirmed, it’s obvious they are not regulated by any government or known institution.
  • Zerk has only one withdrawal gateway that’s PayPal.

Conclusions on Zeerk Review

Well per my fair opinion Zeerk is another place to make some beer money. I don’t think you can make your full-time money and live the life you dreamt of such as traveling for vacations, building houses, and buying your dream car.

It’s a step to making small money for your immediate needs which isn’t bad at all especially if you have the expertise. Want to try, Sign up here