Lydia Forson Silently Encourages Women to Abuse Men

Exposed: Lydia Forson Silently Encourage Women to Abuse Men

Lydia Forson’s recent silence on abuse against men has forced a fan to question the neutrality she preaches. Lydia, however, proved the direct opposite of what she preaches by insulting the fan on a harmless question.

“Punching your neighbour, punching tree” – that is how Barima Sidney translates “etua wo yonko ho a, etua dua mu” in one of his songs. Until you’re poked in the eye, you’d conclude it hurts not – a perfect picture Lydia Forson has painted on social media with her unsavory remarks, critics have said.

The vociferous actress who has been tagged a feminist based on her constant advocacy for women, flared up when a tweep asked if she had seen a trending video which captures a lady slapping a gentleman believed to be her roommate’s boyfriend, with flipflops, for allegedly cheating.

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“Hi @lydiaforson, what is your take on this lady beating a guy with slippers?” The follower, who chooses to be called Borla Bird, asked.

“This is why you should be careful of the nicknames you give yourself. See how you’re here acting like a Borla Bird and dirtying yourself by exposing your ignorance. Are you so stupid you need me to tell you it’s wrong for any HUMAN being to hit someone?” Lydia Forson replied.

Unperturbed about the savage response, Borla Bird followed up with another question as he seemed curious over why the actress had been relatively silent over the assault of the young man.
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He asked: “Then why are you not talking about it? I bet you if it were vice versa, you will be on here making noise, calling for actions.”

His question attracted another reply punctuated with insults.

“Because in your tiny pea brain you’re convinced that your timeline is parallel to mine- that the botos videos you watch and jerk off to show up on my TL as well. That alone exposes your ignorance. Also I don’t owe you my time, data or outrage, so GTFU BORLA BIRD,” Lydia Forson jabbed.



Puzzled by her responses, followers asked if she could not have answered the ‘harmless’ question without hurling insults on the fan.
Lydia Forson Silently Encourages Women to Abuse MenLydia Forson Silently Encourages Women to Abuse Men2

What is more intriguing is the fact that the actress, who got furious when the tweep asked why she has been quiet over the assault case, few days ago, suggested to the Christian Council to stop keeping quiet on issues pertaining to rape and sexual harassment.

Her comment was in reaction to the BBC’s sex-for-grades documentary which captured two lecturers of the University of Ghana – Prof. Ransford Gyampo of the Department of Political Science and Dr. Paul Kwame Butakor of the Department of Teacher Education of the School of Education and Leadership – allegedly harassing students.

In her tweet, she indicated that the Christian Council seems quick to react to certain issues but is silent on issues concerning the sexual abuse of women.

“Dear Christian Council and other religious bodies who like to jump on issues with long letters policing morality- have you lost your voice, laptop or do you not have data?”

“Why are you always [silent] when the issue of rape and sexual harassment come up.”