Gooseneck Lights Offer the Perfect Solution for Any Space Indoors or Out

Gooseneck Lights Offer the Perfect Solution for Any Space Indoors or Out

Finding the perfect exterior lights for a home or business challenges many. They spend countless hours comparing the different options to determine which products best meet their needs. However, many individuals ultimately decide on gooseneck lights, one of the first options they were offered, because these fixtures offer numerous benefits. Why advantages come with these products?

The History of Gooseneck Lights

Gooseneck lighting fixtures first became popular back in the mid-1900s. They served as a turn-of-the-century lighting style that quickly became iconic. Individuals easily identified these fixtures thanks to their arms that bent and swooped. Today, they provide any structure with a look that is truly unique and makes one think of classic barns and farmhouses.

Thanks to the timeless appeal of this design, many men and women today choose to incorporate gooseneck lighting into their overall decor. While traditional wall lights provide illumination, they typically sit close to a wall. This limits the area which receives the light. In contrast, light reaches further from the building when gooseneck lamps are selected, thanks to the arm found on these fixtures.

The expansive spread of light becomes of benefit in ensuring the desired area receives the proper amount of illumination. In the past, individuals turned to gooseneck lights to light up entryways and large barn doors. Today, they remain functional fixtures and the lights people utilize to improve the curb appeal of their property. For anyone trying to find gooseneck lights, the array of styles available today ensures they will easily be able to locate fixtures that meet their needs.


When a person goes to choose a gooseneck light fixture, they find many sizes, finishes, and mounting options available. It doesn’t matter if a person wants a vintage fixture or one with a modern flair, they will easily find one. Manufacturers offer fixtures in galvanized metal and those in different powder coat shades. Furthermore, the light shades come in many heights, colors, widths, and finishes, and they may match the arm of the light or serve as a contrast. In addition, a person finds they may pick incandescent lights or opt for LED ones.

Gooseneck Lighting Uses

A person might think of outside locations where gooseneck lighting would be appropriate. These lights frequently appear on storefronts and restaurants, as they allow the owner to position the light in a way that fulfills its purpose of providing ample illumination.

Many homeowners often make use of these light fixtures for similar reasons. The metal material and finishes used on these lighting fixtures ensure they hold up with time even when regularly exposed to the elements. However, thanks to the versatility of the fixtures, many people choose to bring them indoors and place them through various parts of the home or business.

Gooseneck Lights Offer the Perfect Solution for Any Space Indoors or Out

A person might choose to install gooseneck lighting on their front porch or garage to ensure friends and family have ample light when returning home or coming to visit. Cooks need plenty of light in the kitchen, and these fixtures are ideal for that purpose, while many homeowners use the lights in a mudroom thanks to their durability. A person might also choose to have gooseneck lights in the bathroom to make certain they have plenty of light when they carry out routine grooming tasks.

Thanks to the long, curved arm found on these lights, they are perfect for illuminating areas often missed by the standard wall or ceiling lights. When comparing lamps, consider the length of the arm and more to find the right fixture for your specific use.

The Benefits of Gooseneck Lighting

A person might wonder why they should choose gooseneck lights over the many other options available. The following three advantages associated with gooseneck lighting serve as the primary reasons many people choose these lighting fixtures.

Design flexibility serves as a major reason people choose gooseneck lighting fixtures. Depending on which options a person chooses, they find their lights will have a modern or vintage look, one that is casual or elegant. The shade and arm of the light alter its look significantly, which isn’t the case with many lighting types, such as neon. Neon lights always look modern, limiting their usage. This isn’t a concern with gooseneck lighting.

Placement flexibility also helps to explain the popularity of gooseneck lighting fixtures. A person chooses the placement and angle of the light to ensure the desired areas receive ample illumination. This depends on what the owner wishes to achieve with the lighting.

Fortunately, the flexibility of the fixtures allows for additional control over the lighting. Thanks to the arms on these fixtures, they can alter the lighting angle when desired. This means they can change the look or focal point of a room without spending a fortune to do so.

This control depends in part on the type of light selected. For example, angled lights make it easy to illuminate different areas, while deep bowl shades provide more control over which items receive the illumination.

Make certain the first impression of your home or business is a good one. Gooseneck lighting helps to achieve this goal by ensuring ample illumination and a welcoming feel to any property. People love that they have countless gooseneck fixtures to choose from, and the prices on these lights are easily affordable. A person can truly transform one or more areas of their home or business without breaking the bank simply by upgrading the lighting fixtures.


Once the lights have been selected, a person needs to decide if they want to install the fixtures or leave this work to the pros. Read the warranty that comes with the fixture to see what is required to ensure it remains in force. In addition, consider the placement of the light and whether special tools or equipment will be needed to install the fixture.

For instance, a business owner will probably find they can’t install new gooseneck lighting around their sign as they don’t have a ladder or truck tall enough to reach the sign. Don’t risk breaking the new fixtures. Call for help to ensure the lights work when installed and last for years to come.

Update your home or business with the help of gooseneck lighting. Those who do so obtain a great return on investment and love the results of the upgrade. You will too once you see how the new lights enhance your property in many ways.