Top 10 Basketball Shoe Brands to Look Out for in 2021

Top 10 Basketball Shoe Brands to Look Out for in 2021

When it comes to basketball, having a comfortable and supportive pair of shoes is necessary. Most sports fans prefer specific brands to buy apparel. A good pair of basketball shoes is important to feel comfortable during the game.

There are countless styles of wholesale basketball shoes in the market. It can be quite overwhelming to select basketball shoes from the best brand. If you are a wholesaler of sports shoes, then you face similar confusion.

That is why we have compiled a list of the best basketball shoe brands to make the selection easy for you. You can purchase these shoes from online wholesale marketplaces at super affordable rates.

Without further ado, let’s check our list of top ten basketball shoe brands to look out for in 2021 below:

  1. Adidas

Adidas is one of the best and most famous brands for basketball shoes. It was founded in 1949, and since then, they have established their name as a force in basketball culture. Their basketball shoes are excellent when it comes to having a combination of comfort and style.

Besides shoes, Adidas sells other fashion apparel, including hoodies, tracksuits, socks, headbands, shorts, and other accessories. Well-known sportsmen like Andrew Wiggins, Jeremy Lin, and Kristaps Porzinigis love to wear Adidas products.

  1. Jordan

Jordan basketball shoes are proof that you cannot go wrong with the classics. Jordan was a brand built out of negotiation with Nike in 1984. Today this brand is one of the largest in the world.

Besides shoes, Jordon also makes hoodies, shirts, windbreakers, shorts, and other clothing items. Popular athlete celebrities like Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony are known for wearing Jordan apparel.

  1. Nike

Nike is by far one of the most famous brands for sportswear. It was founded in 1964 as “Blue Ribbon Sports” and then changed its name to “Nike Bruin” in 1972. They have changed the way people look at sports apparel.

Besides shoes, Nike also offers different clothing types, including jerseys, socks, sweatshirts, headbands, and more. Many popular athletes love to wear Nike products, including Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Kevin Durant.

  1. Reebok

Reebok was founded in 1958 by Joe and Jeff Foster. Reebok is popular for its comfortable basketball shoes and other athletic attire, and workout gear.

This brand gained the most popularity in the ’90s. As a wholesale, you must have Reebok basketball shoes from the wholesale marketplace.

  1. ANTA

ANTA is a Chinese brand created in the 1990s by Ding Shizhong. It is a famous brand among basketball players. In just a few years, this brand has marked its excellence in sportswear throughout the world.

This brand creates highly functional and comfortable basketball shoes. Besides athletic shoes, they also offer a wide range of workout apparel. This brand was dedicated to providing only athletes, but it was made available to the public after a few years.

  1. Puma

Puma was created in 1948 by the Dassler brothers. This brand is popular for creating athletic shoes, including cleats, skate shoes, and basketball shoes.

The quality and style of their basketball shoes are why many famous athletes love Puma. Besides athletic shoes, Puma also creates multiple lines of fashion clothing and accessories.

  1. Converse

The Converse was built in 1908 by Marquis Mills Converse. They released their first Chuck Taylor shoes in 1917. Besides athletic apparel and gears, Converse also offers a line of casual fashion clothes.

This brand is also considered the grandfather of athletic shoes as they are one of the oldest shoe companies. Converse has managed to sign many famous athletes, including Magic Johansson’s and Larry Bird.

  1. Under Armour

Under Armour was built in 1996 to create a synthetic material for sportsmen. The purpose of its creation was to help the players avoid irritability while sweating. They made their way in the list of top brands for sportswear in 2013.

This brand is well-known for all sportswear types, but they have gained immense success by creating a unique version of basketball shoes.

  1. New Balance

New Balance sports footwear and apparel was established in 1906. Initially, this brand was associated with New Balance Arch Support Company. This brand has taken athleticwear to a whole new level.

They create one of the most comfortable basketball shoes for sportspeople. New Balance basketball shoes are also known for providing speed while running across the field.

  1. Peak

The Peak is another Chinese brand for athletic shoes built-in 1989. In a short time, this brand extended its network throughout the world.

Peak is specialized in creating comfortable and stylish athletic shoes, but they also offer apparel and workout gear for national teams. They have signed many famous athletic celebrities, including Tony Parker and Lou Williams.

Final Thoughts

Basketball shoes are essential for every player to perform efficiently. The market is exploding with different styles of basketball shoes. It can be tricky to select basketball shoes from the best brand. We hope that the list of top brands mentioned above will help you select a perfect pair of basketball shoes.