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4 Social Media Tools That Every Content Creator Needs

As a content creator, you know that most people use social media every day, and recent statistics confirm that seven in ten Americans use some form of social media.

You’re probably aware of some nifty tricks and tips for making your social content ‘pop’ too. Do you know how to streamline content creation tasks so that you can post more frequently and grow your following though?

These are some of the tools you need to help you do just that.

1. Fotor

Posts with images help increase likes and shares, so it pays to have eye-catching photos on any platform.

Editing images so they look just right takes forever, especially if you aren’t a graphic designer by trade. That is unless you’ve got Fotor to help you out.

This free and easy editor helps you create collages and edit photos online. There’s also a desktop version if you need to work with RAW images. For quick and easy photo effects, image retouching, and photo editing, try some of the templates available from Fotor.

2. Stencil

Stencil’s your right-hand app when it comes to brand marketing. It’s the revamped version of the popular ‘Share as Image’ app.

Like its predecessor, this app hails from the Buffer stable and makes it easy to add logos and text to your images for brand consistency. Stencil offers free stock images and templates for those times when you’re in a pinch with your own images.

You can perfect your Instagram game by adding filters and other effects to your images too.

Check out this list of other useful Instagram tools to create stand-out graphics on this image-rich platform.

3. Soapbox

Along with images, videos are a big hit with social media audiences, but video editing needn’t take up all your valuable time. Soapbox works well for online meetings, but it also makes video editing a breeze, even if you’ve never tried it before.

This Chrome extension lets you create and share videos easily using your browser window. The tools include a split-screen view so you can record from your webcam and your screen simultaneously.

You can add effective transitions and share your work to social media directly from Soapbox.

4. Google Photos

Google Photos’ built-in Assistant works with your photos so you can create and edit animations and short movies. If you prefer the DIY option, you can do all the adjustments on your own using the cross-platform app.

It’s compatible with mobile phones and uses Cloud storage so you never have to worry about running out of space on your devices.

There’s a desktop version available too and the Google Photos regularly adds new features to help make your work more effective.

Stand Out as a Content Creator

As a content creator, your work’s never done. There will always be new trends and tools to use to your advantage.

Your content could be trending next if you keep your skills up to date. Bookmark our website to stay on top of all the latest fads and fantastic innovations.