What Are The Essential Tools For a Construction Site?

What Are The Essential Tools For a Construction Site?

 Construction workers need the appropriate power tools to complete a project. It’s often best to invest in high-quality power tools at the start of the job to ensure they withstand weather conditions and heavy-duty work. Inadequate quality tools can result in injury and potential damage to the materials you are working on. In fact, in 2019, there were 41,800 workplace injuries from the use of hand tools alone.

You should consider the kind of tasks the project involves and the best power tools for those activities. If you are short on budget, try to invest in multi-functional tools that you can use for various projects. Always use an industrial equipment supplier to ensure your power tools are safe to use and appropriate for your project.

Of course, there are a few standard tools that you will need for every project in construction. It’s worth investing in the cordless version of these tools so that they are versatile and easy to use. Here are a few tools every construction worker should have in their collection.

The chisel and jackhammer

When working with large materials, it’s essential to have destruction tools in your collection as well. Use a chisel and jackhammer to remove bulky masonry elements or robust materials, like concrete and stone.

Jigsaw, circular saw, and grinder

For carpentry work, it’s always worth having a circular saw, jigsaw and grinder. Like a circular saw, a cutting power tool can cut wood and metal materials on a small or large scale. Jigsaws are easy to use, and when used with the correct blade size, they can cut various materials with different densities and thicknesses – such as steel, fiberglass, wood, and drywall. A grinder has an abrasive wheel that creates a precise shape and surface finish.

Concrete mixer

Most construction sites use a concrete mixer. Use an electric or thermal concrete mixer for building construction and masonry projects.  A concrete cutter is also needed to destroy concrete. An electric concrete cutter can be used indoors, and a thermal cutter can be used outdoors.

Construction laser

A construction laser can make precise measurements and markings on the material. A rotary laser is an indispensable tool in any construction site. A laser can be used to level the ground of a place or to grade terrain. Manual tools usually require two people for these tasks – however, a construction laser only needs one person to operate it.

An industrial hoover

After you are finished with building construction, you will need to clean up the site for the next team on the area – for example, electricians, painters, and decorators. An industrial hoover is a heavy-duty power tool used to clear up leftover dust and small materials.