Six Types of Essential Equipment Required At A Construction Site

Seven Types of Essential Equipment Required At A Construction Site

A construction site is full of activity and always seems to have ten going on at once. It can be a dangerous place, which is why it’s important to have knowledgeable and skilled people running the equipment and overseeing the whole process. 

Running a construction site can be a stressful job. There are so many different aspects of the construction process that need to be addressed regularly. You need to ensure that all of the rules and regulations are followed to keep the workers safe and adhere to environmental restrictions. However, hiring construction equipment would be an advantage for builders. One of the reasons to hire a Virginia equipment rental company is that they always put safety first to ensure the quality of the work and safety of workers involved in the construction process.

All of these actions are going on while workers are doing their best to prepare and build a site while under contract and sometimes restrictive time constraints. Thankfully, the process of construction is made easier by the use of these large pieces of equipment. 


Probably one of the most well-known pieces of construction equipment is the bulldozer. A bulldozer helps in the earth moving process by using the wide blade at the front of the machine to push dirt out of the way while helping to level the construction site. It’s easily manoeuvrable because of the tracks that it runs on to help prevent it from getting stuck in the mud or losing traction when moving across the rough and uneven terrain.


A crane is a type of machine that can lift and move heavy loads. Whether you are building a house or working with construction material, there is always something that needs to be moved. One of the most complicated tasks is moving heavy materials with a crane. It can be difficult to find a company that will rent you one for your site, but it’s worth looking into. This type of crane can save the cost of building one on your own, and also ensure that your workers are safe during operations. In Longview, Texas, Boss Crane provides a variety of cranes & lifting services for hire including other types of construction equipment.

Transit Level

Transit is a useful tool that is used throughout the entire construction process. A transit’s function is to help determine the grade and slope of the site’s surface and keep everything level so that construction can take place. The use of transit is an ongoing process that needs to be conducted on a regular basis as more earth is moved and construction progresses. 

Dump Truck

An essential part of any construction site in the dump truck. These are large vehicles that have an enclosed bed that is used to haul materials. They can move excess dirt and debris away from the construction site or haul in the resources needed to build. A convenient is the ability of the dump truck bed to be elevated so it can easily release the load that it’s carrying.


A standard piece of equipment for construction sites is the backhoe. A backhoe is a large piece of equipment that has an extended arm with a bucket attached. This is used to dig out areas. It can help to dig ditches that are then used for water lines and other in-ground systems. 


A high lift is another piece of equipment that is useful for a construction site in several ways. As its name implies, a high lift contains a cab or a platform that can be moved up and down to give workers better reach. They can safely be lifted to a second story to continue construction or move materials to that level without risking a fall. 


An excavator is a heavy piece of construction equipment that consists of a rotating cab positioned on top of a track. Like a backhoe, the excavator has a long arm with a bucket attached. This equipment is rugged and heavy-duty. It can get around better on rough ground and in the mud due to the tracks. An excavator is a great piece of equipment to help dig out basements or foundations and prepare sewer systems.

A construction site can be a hectic place and needs to be run with attention to detail and with safety in mind. The best construction sites have knowledgeable workers who continue to evaluate the situation each day and adapt and change as needed while taking care of their equipment and the site to get the job done.