Technology: Construction apps you should consider choosing

Technology: Construction apps you should consider choosing

Are you planning the construction of your business and pretty excited about the venture? Accuracy surely matters when it comes to the construction. You need to have a precise idea about the resources which will be put to use during construction. At the same time, you need to be well-versed about construction aids like Slab Formwork.

Now, all this sounds confusing. You will surely like to simplify this complex concept. The solution is simple. You need to get hold of Smartphone apps for your construction process.

 Different construction apps to consider


One of the best Smartphone apps to consider is FingerCAD. Well, FingerCAD is an app which allows you to indulge in technical drawing. You can easily save the final design. The best part is that you can even print or email the final design using the app. The best part is that you can save the design in different formats.

 Carpenter’s Helper Lite

If you find construction-related calculation alien stuff, then Carpenter’s Helper Lite is the best app to choose. You can calculate the roof pitch with ease with the help of this app. It even allows you to calculate the stair lengths and rafter lengths.

What makes this app stand out is that it has a great graphical interface which carries out floor calculations with ease.

 Fast Concrete Pad Calculator

 If you want to calculate the quantities of Rebar and Concrete, then this app will help you manage this calculation with ease. The app will also help you calculate the waste materials. Plus, you can manage the Rebar costs with this app with ease. You will get all the information you need for ordering Concrete using Fast Concrete Pad Calculator.

Roofing calculator

If you find it a hassle to calculate the roofing shingles, then consider opting for Roofing Calculator. It easily calculates the bundles needed for the job. You can also calculate wastage over percentage using this app.


If you want to set up your concrete order sitting back at home, then you must opt for Truckast. It allows you to set your concrete order using this app. You will be able to track the delivery time using this app. You will know precisely when the concrete trucks will arrive at your place.

The app will also be able to maintain a record of how much concrete has been placed at the premises.

Try out any of the apps that best suits your needs. However, what is essential is that you should do your bit of research before choosing the app. Check out the features offered by the app and then make your pick.

The smart approach is to embrace the technology. The reason is that managing the construction will become a simple job. Plus, you will be able to reduce the margin for error. It will be the smart strategy on your part. Take a plunge into the construction process right away and streamline the process by making use of these apps.

You will buy your peace of mind.