Video – You idiots think the NewYork Times is Like Asempa FM- Kelvin

The popular social media commentator, Kelvin Ekow Baidoo Taylor has hit back at the government and the NPP in a new video. This was as a result of a letter written by the NPP to the NewYork Times regarding a court suit of defamation by Ace Ankomah.

For the benefit of our readers, decided to translate all the voices in the video to text. Enjoy reading and don’t forget to hit the red bell for notifications.

“Hi, my name is Kevin Taylor, today I have a response for the 99 fools of the NPP this, is the Friday Editorial.

Every day or every time I wear white, it is not because that’s the only shirt I have. No it is because I never want this show to be about me. I never want the show to be about Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor. I want the show to be about the truth. Yes, the undiluted truth, which has been hidden from the ordinary Ghanaian, the deceits and the corruption people in power today both in government and in the public sector. Tomorrow if I’m not around to continue the show someone who is equally as smart and as bold like myself can take up the mantle and speak truth to his fellow Ghanaians without fear or favor. This is just to send a message to the criminals and thieves and governments that this show is not going anywhere now.

Before I address the NPP and more specifically the NPP Communication team led by Yaw Amoabi Asamoah, the drunkard and on their big letter supposedly sent to the New York Times.


I would like to make something clear – my fellow Ghanaians, you people should understand that. We have a corrupted compromised and polarized media, which only defend tribe and criminals in government. The media overlooks issues concerning National Security and development, all because the culprits, the culprits in these crimes are characters they the media helped manufactured and a typical example of such characters is Ace Ankumah.

Now my fellow Ghanaians, if this is where you have to know that the government we have today is a government which was carved out of Deceit. It was carved out of crime, hates, and Corruption. Yes, their swift response to truth shows how guilty they are and how ignorant they are as a government in power.


I’m speaking to well thinking Ghanaians. Yes. I’m speaking to the youth who wants your voices heard in these difficult times in our history as a nation. I’m speaking to the ordinary voter who wants a job, who wants decent accommodations, who want access to good health care and protecting the national interest and who expects his or her government to set good examples, when it comes to fighting corruption and protecting the national interest.

Now a foreign company was duped by someone found to be a Nigerian living in Ghana. This story I’m talking about was investigated and published by The Herald newspaper based in Ghana. Yes with names and addresses of these individuals The corrupt media decided not to cover it because the characters involved in this crime are their friends. months after I tell the story of on a different platform, a whole government, yes, the whole NPP government turns around to intimidate me Kevin Taylor with Hitmen and stupid senseless, press release to my wife’s company The York Times.

I honestly felt very ashamed to belong to this useless party the NPP. My fellow Ghanaians, this should tell you that these people we have in power today are against press freedom and freedom of speech. It’s the truth because they are adapted to lie.


A whole political party ignores serious issues affecting this nation to go after a journalist and his family all because they can’t stand the truth. Yes, the whole political party in power, the NPP led by a stinking drunk like Yaw Yaw Amoabeng Asamoah took the time to make and write lies about publication of me because I’ve exposed the government’s crimes.

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You, idiots, think the New York Times is like multimedia or Asempa FM where you could send your ignorance and rancone (I didn’t the word well lol) dogs like Owusu Bempah and your big zoombie information Minister Mr Kwadwo Oppong Nkrumah to go in there and manipulate the stories on the news.

You ignorant fools calling yourself the communication team of the NPP, have bitten the worst meat. I don’t blame you people calling yourself the communication team of the NPP because when you are led by a stinking drunkard who smells of alcohol even in his sober moment, this is the embarrassment you cover yourself. I feel bad for the NPP because out of your stupidity and ignorance, you have rather exposed your governments to the international media for more scrutiny and trust me.

I will help tell the story to the world, the human rights abuses this government is overseen. The corruption, nepotism and the crimes committed by this NPP government will be discussed on the international scene. How can idiotic drunk like Yaw Amoabeng Asamoah ignore pressing issues like the whole government manipulating the court and security agencies to hold Gregory Afoko in jail even after he was granted Bill by the court? How can we forget?


How can the NPP party or the communications team forget to address how lawyers and public officials came together to help a Nigerian fraudster, yes, and the Ghanaian duped a foreign company. You idiots led by a drunken like Yaw Amoabeng Asamoah decided to ignore issues like the president’s family members coming together to scum Ghanaians to PDS. I thought in your letter you were going to state that a thief like Charles Bissiew is still walking in the corridors of the Jubilee House. You stinking drinking Master Yaw Amuabeng Asamoah has forgotten, yes, you forgot to write in your letter to the New York Times that your government covering thieves.

Yes, those teams who are still holding onto the Kelni GVG contract. This and many more, with all due respect my fellow Ghanaians someone will ask who do we blame for this nonsense, this man, this man, Nana Addo Dankwah. He’s the most corrupt, most petty selfish ignorant Tyrant who only thinks about himself and his family members.


This man since taken all these have painted a picture of intolerance to the highest level. This president who boost of being a human rights lawyer without a certificate. This is the same man who led the “Kume Preku” demonstration. He calls himself a freedom fighter and all kinds of names. But what do we see today, an unprecedented level of intolerance, no respect for the rule of law? You have now become a beacon of corruption and deterrence who only aims to suppress the people who criticize his childish and corrupt ego.

This is a president who has turned his presidency and more importantly his seat of government, which is the Jubilee House a crime scene. Yes, the Jubilee house is now a crime scene where every serious crime in this government or in this country has traces out of the Jubilee house. My fellow Ghanaians, at this moment we are in difficult times under this President. This government is a Criminal Enterprise. We were supposed to be worried the first day this president took office at the Jubilee House, a senior police officer was assaulted and he ignored it. This issue was on camera.

J.B Dankwah was mysteriously killed he ignored it. Ahmed Suale was murdered in broad daylight, this president Nana Addo and his NPP ignored. Gregory Afoko is rotting in jail after being granted a bill, Nam1 one is also in rotting in Jail. Charles Bissiew cleared, they are walking in and out of the office of the CID boss. No arrests today PDS has become the biggest scandal in Ghana’s history, Charles Bissiew cleared Ursula Owusu, Pous Cleared, it goes on and on and you expect me Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor to come on my show and praise a tyrant, a man who only thinks about himself and his corrupt family.

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Now, this goes directly to the president, Nana Addo Dankwah, you can’t ask to be citizens and not spectators and be behaving like this. You can’t claim to believe in Ghana and yet would allow Ghanaians home and abroad to draw your attention to bends around you.

Mr President, Nana Addo Dankwah, you can’t lead a political party that claims to be the doing of democracy in which you have been debated your father, your uncles and other relatives above everyone else. You can’t promise developments in Freedom as your motto and be behaving like this. You can’t promise to fight corruption in all its forms and behaving like this, Nana Addo you can’t promise jobs to the youth and others yet, when companies come and they are duped you would investigate and punish those involved how will investors come to Ghana where the laws are not working.

Laws that have we deliberately placed in the hands of your family members. Yes, the Chief Justice, Sophia Akuffo and the Attorney General Gloria Akuffo.

Now my advice to the communication team led by the stinking drinking master Yaw Asamoah Boabeng is simple. Yes it’s a wise saying and I quote;

“other people’s wisdom prevents the king from being called a fool”

Today Yaw Amoabeng Asamoah and the whole NPP communication team out of your stupidity, you have open doors for wise men to refer to the king as a fool. Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Kelvin Ekow Baidoo Taylor. This is the Friday editorial.

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