I sat in the dinning room as I watched her preparing the coffee she had insisted me to take. “How is home?” She asked. “Home is fine. How about here?”

I replied. “We are all fine, it’s just Michael who said he has headache,” she said. “I thought he is in school?” I wondered. “Yes, he called yesterday,” she said. “Maybe he’s panicking,” I suggested, “is he writing exams soon?” I remembered, even me, I used to panick when exams were close! “Yes, he’s starting next week,” She answered. “That’s why then,” I said. “Am sure you will enjoy the coffee,” she said as she walked in the dinning room with a cup of hot coffee! I got the cup and put it on the table, it was really hot; my favorite!

I took a sip; the sugar was enough, everything was just good for me! “Do you want some bread?” She asked. Why was she good to me like I was a visitor or a small kid? “No, I think this is enough,” I said. She looked at me, and smiled! “What?” I asked. “I remember the time I met you on a bus from a farm,” she said. “Oh that, those were days,” I said. “What happened to those people you visited there?” She asked. “They died, they were old,” I said. “How do you know?” She asked. “I went there two years, I found skeletons in their hut,” I said. “No one was there to burry them?” She asked. “I don’t think there was anyone,” I responded. “But you were related?” She asked. Ummm, why asking me that when we had been together for long? “Let’s not talk about that,” I requested.

The memories were bringing tears in my eyes! “Oh sorry,” she said, “you look beautiful.” Hmmmm that again? I had not even combed my hair nicely, and she was there saying I looked beautiful, what more? I smiled, “You always tell me that,” I said. “I just wish you will find someone who will take care of you the way you want,” she said. “God is in control,” I said. “Make sure you make right decisions in life,” she urged. “Yes, am always careful when it comes to decision making,” I said. “Don’t forget your mother’s principals. Always read Matthew 5 verse 44. It has really guided me throughout my life, it’s my favorite verse,” she said. “What does it say?” I asked.

I wasn’t good at knowing verses but my favorite was John 14 Verse one! “Go and read it,” she said. By the time I realized; I had finished my coffee. “I think I need to go, father will be worried,” I said as I stood. “If he is worried he would have called you,” she said. “I’ve left my phone,” I said. “OK, let’s go,” she said. We walked out and headed to the car. “How is Fatima and Nancy?” She asked as we walked. “They are fine. It’s only Nancy who had a fight with some girl in the next gate,” I said. “What happened?” She asked. It was really funny! “She said she found the same girl with her boyfriend,” I said. “Your friend is crazy,” she said. “Point of correction; she’s not my friend, she’s my sister,” I corrected her. “Whatever, she is still crazy,” she said. “Yea, she has been like that from the time I knew her,” I said. We reached the car, I opened and entered. “See you dear,” she said as she waved at me. “See you,”

I replied and started the engine, then I was off!
Just like I went; it didn’t take me much time to drive back home. I reached, parked the car, and headed in the house. I entered using the kitchen door. To my surprise; there were balloons, flowers and lots of decorations all over the kitchen! I stood wondering what was going on there! I then slowly walked to the dinning room, same applied; there were decorations all over! “Hello,” I shouted. No one responded! “Hello here,” I shouted again, and it was still quiet. “Can someone hear me?” I asked. I was getting uncomfortable bit by bit, the silence was scaring me! “Fatima, Nancy, Norah! Is there anyone here?” I wondered. Where was everyone, and who put those flowers?

I slowly walked to the passage; rose flowers were all over on the floor! Nothing like that had ever happened since I started living there! What was going on? Because of the silence, I couldn’t proceed to the bedroom. I walked back and entered in the TV room; it was so dark, I couldn’t see anything. I reached the switched, and switched on the lights; there was a big screen right in front of me! And on the screen, it was written, ‘HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY DEAR SILVIA!’ Oh my God, it was my birthday? I didn’t realise! I smiled at the screen, and tears fell of my eyes! “Happy birthday to you….. Happy birthday to you…. Happy birthday dear Silvia….. Happy birthday to you….” A song played in the background. Oh wow, they even made a song for me?

I felt so special, and I couldn’t express how I was feeling, but only my tears could tell! “Do you like it?” Someone from behind asked. With no doubt, that was Nancy! I turned around and found the four of them standing! “How did you know it’s my birthday?” I asked, “I don’t even remember the last time I celebrated my birthday.” Fatima walked to me and hugged me, she said, “You deserve this.” My heart was filled with joy! I wished my mother was there to see how much her daughter had grown!

I turned to the screen again; it was so colourful! “We have something for you,” Norah said. Something, what was it? “Close your eyes,” Nancy said. Then I closed! “She can open. Fatima, cover her face,” father said. I thought Fatima would cover my eyes with her pams; little did I know that she was to cover me with a cloth. “Hold her hand, let’s go,” father said. Someone held my hand and started following that someone! What kind of a surprise was it? I wondered.

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