Strategies for Success in Graduate School


When the colleges publish your result, the nights before the day can still be scary, we wish that you pass all of your examinations with distinction, but if, unfortunately, you didn’t, we want you to know that is not very rare. Generally, throughout your degree program, there will be numerous projects, assignments, presentations that you need to go through. Still, the dissertation time is quite different as you are all left alone with such a massive project to work on independently. The other timely assignments may not contribute to your qualification with a high portion, but it can affect your capability badly when it comes to your dissertation. The process of the dissertation is relatively new to you. 

Many students fail at particular modules at some point in their academic career but still somehow manage to pass through them successfully. But for some unfortunate reasons, if you have received the news of not clearing your dissertation, it should affect your aim, and you should not continue your studies. Completing your degree and achieving your goals can still be the priority. Just breathe, relax and think about what you can do now for the unfortunate reason. 

It is usual for students to put forward the application for resubmission of revised dissertation or attempt another viva voce unless your university has otherwise rules and regulations. You should not back off trying again and again until you succeed in your dreams. 


The first to do is to calm yourself and then review your total result of what it says and what it means. Sometimes the universities use other phrases or words to declare the result like pending or withheld. This absolutely does not mean that you have failed. It just means that there is a usual delay in your results; the administration may not have all the information they need to pass your results. If that is the case, you will also be asked to provide some of the missing data in a specific period before your overall result has to be published. In other cases, this is also possible that the examination board doesn’t have enough pieces of evidence required to accept your theses. In this case, you will be asked to take viva voce in written or maybe verbally.


The case of viva voce usually takes place when the examination board wants to assure that you have taken out all the research by yourself or to examine how much do you understand the research process you have followed. For this, you will need to prepare yourself with some extra exams. Brace yourself for some audio/visuals presentation or some heated question and answer session. But if your research is genuinely yours and you understand the process well, it should not scare you because you already know it all. Prepare yourself in advance with a good marking of the critical section on an extra copy of your dissertation, making it easier for you to refer to.  

In addition to these cases, there is one more possibility of getting a phrase ‘failed – entitled to resubmit’; this means that you are still eligible to resubmit your dissertation or part of it that needs to be improved for further consideration from the examiner. But the lousy condition with these results is that they are capped. After resubmission, you will only be given the lowest available grade if you pass your dissertation. But that too is not a bad deal if you want to complete the program get your hands on your degree. 


When you face the third condition, consider it as a second chance for you, and try to give the due efforts you couldn’t give in the first place. Take it as an opportunity. In some cases, the feedback is provided by the examinations board in a written report or performance profile that will tell you where you have lost your marks. If this is not the case, get feedback on your work yourself to know the gaps. This will be the best way to mark your mistakes and make them better. But this needs to be done immediately as the reasons for failing the dissertation are not retained by any educational institute for a more extended period. The profile or report may be that detailed, but they give you scores on each segment of your dissertation, making it easy for you to determine which parts need to be corrected. If still, you don’t get online dissertation help to revise your dissertation and make the changes it needs. There’s nothing that the internet can’t do. Numerous of experts are willing to help you out of their experience. 


Make sure that you have taken all the necessary information about the resubmission of your dissertation. You cannot miss any this time. The time for resubmission may vary according to the rules of the respective institution. If you don’t find yourself working again on your dissertation, you can take some break and wait to avail the next opportunity, which could be as long as 12 months away. 

But if you are all ready to do the job again, check the responsible body for your registration, sometimes the faculty do that on their own, and sometimes you have to do it yourself. 


Sometimes, it can only be the presentation elements available for any changes by you, including structure, type, layout, and all. While in another scenario, you are allowed to rewrite your document from writing a dissertation proposal to writing a conclusion. Some will only allow you to change the segment, which has caused the deduction in marks; maybe if your findings are poorly addressed, you will be invited to revise the individual element. Others may want you to redefine some paragraphs like your abstract. 


If, unfortunately, you are not eligible for the resubmission of the paper, check if you can gain credit for your dissertation by retaking the whole module. Do some new research and submit it in place of your original dissertation, or maybe go for another module. 

At last, when no option is left, opt for an appealing mechanism. Though most examination boards do not tend to turn over from their decisions, the appeals board may offer an alternative way of gaining credit to complete your degree program.