Modern Millionaires - Is This The Right Course?

Modern Millionaires Review – Is This The Right Course?

Do you want to launch your own digital agency and get out of the 9-5 job? You’re not alone — many entrepreneurs are currently undergoing the same transformation. But in order to make living by building websites for local businesses, you need strategies that have been tested by other top digital marketers. 

You see, the guys who created the Modern Millionaires program (Abdul & Chance) are marketing legends. And they’ve helped many people generate good income.

Now, can they help you? Let’s find out.

Their Method – Is It A Millionaire Blueprint?

Digital advertising is a booming industry, and there’s a ton of money to be made with it.

Modern Millionaires gives you a blueprint for generating leads and sales on an ongoing basis, with a focus on Google Adwords.

And I think that’s great, because Google ads are hands down the best way to attract real buyers online.  And they’re not hard to set up… in fact, they take just minutes a day. 

Now, while their training in Google Ads is pretty solid, Modern Millionaires is actually based on a different idea, which many entrepreneurs don’t even know about: Lead flipping.

Lead flipping is when you build a list of potential clients and sell it to local businesses who want new customers.

If we put $1000 into ads for plastic surgery in Miami and we get 10-15 people calling about it, we just have to look for a plastic surgeon in Miami who needs those clients. 

If only one of them pays you $5,000 month after month for bringing them leads, and they make $50,000, it’s a win/win. Your profit would be $4,000 every month… and just from a single customer.

The next step would be to copy that same funnel and repeat it in any other city, such as New York, Chicago, California, etc. With time, you’ll end up scaling your lead generation business and landing clients anywhere across America. 

The Modern Millionaires Program – Valuable Content? 

The Modern Millionaires course is divided into four modules (here’s a detailed overview and review of the course. The second module has two sub-modules, and the third one is also broken down into three more sub-modules. So, we have a total of seven modules, most of them with more than 20 videos each. 

Here’s an insight of what’s inside the course (this is being updated frequently):

  • Module 1: The Foundation
  • Module 2A: Setting Up your Agency System
  • Module 2B: Prospecting & Sales
  • Module 3A: Driving Traffic (Google Ads)
  • Module 3B: Driving Traffic (Facebook)
  • Module 3C: High Level Training 
  • Module 4: How to Create an AutoPilot System that works for you

They also have an awesome Facebook community. I’ve checked it and I think it’s crazy how valuable the content that’s being shared there right now is. Think that the group is a meeting point not only for newbies and students but also for marketing experts who can show you, on a day-to-day basis, what they are doing to bring money to their bank accounts.

The Founders –  Are They Verified 7-Figure Entrepreneurs?

Let’s take Abdul, for example:

This guy has a  6-year history of success. He’s running a 7-figure agency, got over 60 million views all across the US, Europe, and even Australia or New Zealand, more than 40.000 students, and a lot of money.

It’s crazy. But that’s precisely what has so many people trusting him. 

Abdul & Chance were working on their own separate marketing initiatives when they realized there was more partnership potential than either of them was willing to explore. 

Together, they strategized how they could take their profitable digital strategy and grow it into an entire business. They knew from the start that this wouldn’t be easy. But together they believed in their idea and delivered an incredible funnel that thousands of entrepreneurs use every day.

When you look at how well they’ve scaled and achieved success, it’s hard to question their tactics.

Final Thoughts: Should You Buy This Course?

I’m a LONG time digital marketer and probably one of the most skeptical people when it comes to making money online, and I was blown away by this program. 

But make no mistake, the Modern Millionaires program isn’t for everyone. It will take effort and commitment on your part. You’ll have to work hard first to see results, but that’s alright; you’re building your own online 7-figure business from the ground up.

If you’re willing to make the effort, you can reach your goals. They teach you a really good marketable skill set (you just have to be eager to grow it).