How to Stop Your Dog Whining

How to Stop Your Dog Whining

When your dog is constantly whining, it can be very annoying, as well as distracting, especially if you are looking to do other tasks around the house. Dogs whine for a series of different reasons. Sometimes they are looking for attention, sometimes they are telegraphing a real problem. Most of the time however, they are whining because they haven’t been taught properly to stop. This guide has been created to lay out a few key methods that you can put in place to stop your dog from whining. Read on now in order to learn more.

Reward Quiet Time

Dogs respond to positive feedback. This means that if your dog is doing something well, you should tell them that they are a good dog and to give them a treat. The difficult part can be knowing which treats your dog will like and which ones they won’t. That’s why it’s a good idea to check out the amazing selection of food available at

Use Crating

Dogs like to be comfortable. When they are comfortable and relaxed, they are less likely to whine. That’s why you should make sure that you have a crate that they can return to no matter whether or not they are in your home or are out and about. You might find that if a dog is whining, they will stop once they are in a crate.

Firmly Tell Them Off

If a dog is whining, you need to make it absolutely clear that this behavior is not to be tolerated. You should tell them off in a low voice, while also holding their mouth shut. Through conditioning, as researched by Pavlov, your dog will learn that whining is not something that is to be tolerated. Additionally, if a dog is whining while you are in the process of stroking or playing with it, then you should stop this activity immediately as this could put the dog under the impression that they are being rewarded for their naughty behavior.

Leave Them Alone More

Dogs often whine when you walk to the other side of the room or briefly leave because they have become overly attached to you. What you actually need to do here is to have structured time when you leave the dog alone. While it’s not a smart idea to leave the dog for hours on end — something people are preparing for once again — if you leave them for an hour here or there they will become more used to the idea that they should sometimes entertain themselves. Make no ceremony when you come or go, so they don’t get over-excited either way.

Understand The Reasons Why

If you want to stop the whining, it helps to understand the reason why. If they are whining because they want attention, it’s best to just ignore them, because whining will teach them how to get what they want. Nonetheless, sometimes they are whining because they are trying to tell you an important need they have. Try and understand the reasons why and you might be able to stop them from whining.