How to Write Master’s Dissertation?

How To Write an Affordable Dissertation, Low-Cost Research Ideas?

Because of the shifting dynamics of the environment, research is almost a requirement for any dissertation to progress. Many researchers are subconsciously conducting market research by collecting and evaluating data from their referrals. A deliberate research report, on the other hand, can tell a lot much more about the sector than a haphazard report.

Or even if you are just a student trying to get hold of your degree or not maybe, but it is not necessary you have to perform research with a huge budget. As a result, a low-cost dissertation research strategy is the perfect option for such a situation.

low-cost market research concepts will be required by small firms, expanding organizations, or students working on their projects. This is because, with the introduction of the internet and ever-changing purchasing trends, it makes sense to spend less time on market research. The alternative is to invest the little amount feasible while yet getting the best outcomes. This is when affordable dissertation research suggestions come in handy.

There are numerous methods for obtaining a more accurate outcome measure (Andrews & Withey, 1976). This article outlines 5 approaches to follow to do low-cost research to make your dissertation process affordable. The methods are as follows:

  1. Prepare A Clear Objective/Questionnaire.

Checklists and grading scales have been established for the three basic study types since the methods for evaluating the quality of a study vary, depending on the topic the study attempts to answer (Jadad et al., 1996; Maher, Sherrington, Herbert, Moseley, & Elkins, 2003; Tate et al., 2008).

When your objective or questionnaire is incorrect, or the responses you receive do not fulfill the purpose, the cost of market research increases, not only in monetary terms but also in the terms of time and money on the study. By performing lean market research, defining the target might help you save money. The study objectives, which are established at the outset of the dissertation research, will assist you in creating the appropriate market research questionnaire. As a result, the first step is to create a succinct market research questionnaire.

  1. Internet Survey

Conducting internet polls is possibly the finest approach for low-cost market research. These surveys can be conducted on a variety of platforms, including blogs, major websites, forums, and more. Aside from polls, there is already a wealth of information in order of keywords and trends on the internet. You can make a Google sheet where readers can respond to your questions. There are also polling websites such as SurveyMonkey, easy polls, and others.

  1. Make The Most Of Your CRM.

If you have a CRM system, you also have a lot of dissertation research data at your fingertips. This market research data comes from your current consumers. If you already have a customer relationship management system, it might be your best friend when it comes to conducting low-cost market research. Running a survey of what your consumers enjoy about your firm vs what features they think should have been included will give you a good picture of what they desire.

Similarly, asking your current customers to think of brands that could replace you will provide you with information about the various companies that are your direct competitors. These businesses can then be researched to learn more about their strengths and limitations. As a result, for low-cost yet efficient market research, your existing client base is your best bet.

  1. Reports On Data

Data reports are expensive, and I wouldn’t have put them on the list of low-cost market research ideas if I could. However, this item is included because data reports are significantly less expensive than undertaking specialized dissertation research for the company.

If your work requires you to use a data report prepared by a market research firm, then use the data report and draw your conclusions about what actions to take. In the long term, this will save you a large amount of money. Only use a customized market research agency if your product is unique or if you’re attempting a novel strategy.

  1. News Or Journals

Reading news and trade periodicals is the finest approach to get information and learn about other people’s perspectives. The data can be gathered from news and trade periodicals whenever a corporation takes another step or executes a strategy. Not only do you learn about your nearest competition, but you do get a sense of what other firms in an industry are up to.

You will never realize when information like this will come in handy and this would be not just you but a lot of master dissertation writing services and different researchers already use this quantitative approach of collecting data. This reading notion is useful in a variety of situations, not just market research. It can come in handy at any stage in your life when you need to develop a marketing approach. Because these magazines are occasionally inexpensive, they are an excellent source of low-cost market research data.


Writing a dissertation is not an easy task. Or in general, research that could be for any business purpose perhaps. The research and development department of any business or research organization always takes off with big budgets and gets the best result, most of them but not everyone can afford it right?

Well, the above 5 approaches are some of the effective cheap or you may say cost-effective ways of research. Even if there is a budget, these ways could still be effective and will save some money, and what is better than that?


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