The Latest Video Marketing Trends That Are Everywhere in 2022

Video content is king! In fact, nearly 70% of people prefer watching videos over reading to learn about a product or service. Unfortunately, 64% of marketers think video content is the most difficult type of content to make.

Following the latest video marketing trends can help you create killer content this year! You can keep your audience interested and engaged.

Then, you can start turning more viewers into paying customers.

Develop an innovative marketing strategy in 2022. Start rolling with these top trends today!

1. Short-Form Videos

You don’t need to write a 10-page script or plan for a long video production. Instead of long-form video content, consider switching to shorter videos.

Keep your videos clear and concise to keep viewers interested and engaged.

2. Shoppable Videos

Want more people to start buying your latest products? Maybe you want to advertise an upcoming product launch instead. Creating shoppable videos can help.

Consumers want a fast, easy shopping experience. With shoppable posts, they don’t have to leave their favorite social media platforms.

Instead, they can view your videos on Instagram or Facebook, then click on the post to start shopping!

You might have an easier time generating sales with these types of content.

3. Live Video Streaming

Engage your customers in real-time this year. Live videos became more popular during the first few months of the pandemic. In fact, live videos accounted for about 13% of all internet video traffic in 2021.

Use live streams to host regular Q&A sessions. Q&A sessions can help you learn more from your customers. You can gather their thoughts and feedback to find new, innovative marketing opportunities.

4. Interactive Videos

If you want to create killer content this year, try creating more interactive videos.

Interactive video content can help you boost engagement. Viewers might find it’s easier to recall your videos if they’ve interacted with them, too.

Start creating interactive videos using Instagram Stories. You can add stickers to your videos to make your content interactive.

Experiment with different stickers (such as polls, quizzes, and reaction stickers) to see which ones your followers respond to most. Then, start creating more of that content!

5. Social Media Video Ads

Social media video ads can help improve your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategy. Your videos can blend in with organic social media content. As viewers watch your video ads, you’ll have the chance to convert them into sales.

You can add a banner to your videos to direct more people to your website, too. Then, you can use a creative landing page to generate more conversions.

While using these video marketing trends, don’t forget to consider the latest youtube trends as well. Applying these trends can help your video content stand out. Then, you can generate more leads and boost your ROI.

Following the latest video marketing trends can improve your entire innovative marketing strategy. You can start engaging more customers while remaining top-of-mind. Get ready to impress your customers!

Give your content creation strategy a boost with these trends today.

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