How To Update Your Waterpark With Waterslides

Are you looking to update your waterpark with waterslides? Waterslides bring excitement and energy to any guest and will create new memories and enhance existing ones. They can also help improve guest retention by 20%!

Waterslide manufacturers design their slides differently; some using curves, others speed. If you want guests to stay in your park longer, purchasing different slide types (regardless of manufacturer) will allow them to find the one that they enjoy riding. This increases repeat business. Waterslides are also a great way to increase revenue. Waterslides can be a main source of attraction for park visitors, and can eventually contribute a great deal to your revenue.

The question remains – how does one update their park with waterslides?

Read ahead to find all the answers you’re looking for!

How do I update my waterpark with waterslides?

Waterslide manufacturers design, construct and deliver their slides when ordered, making them an ideal choice for large-scale projects.

Waterslides can be combined with other types of rides, food & beverage outlets, bathrooms, changing rooms, and landscaping features to make your waterpark a one-of-a-kind destination!

Adding a combination of waterslides to your park can gain more customer traction as some people enjoy rounded-angular slides more while others enjoy straight sloped chutes.

What are the benefits of having waterslides in my park?

Waterslides can bring an additional 20% in guest retention and increase revenue by more than 25%. Waterslides may also boost guest spending through food and beverage sales. Waterslides can also be combined with other types of rides and amenities to create a custom waterpark experience.

What should I consider before purchasing waterslides?

There are several things you should take under consideration before entering into any agreement:

– Waterslide manufacturer’s background and experience

– Vertical or curved slides (some manufacturers offer both)

– The number of riders per hour the ride will accommodate

– The size/depth of the pool that will accommodate your chosen type of waterslide

– The installation location of your chosen waterslide

– Waterslide maintenance and repair costs

– Additional features you may want to include in the slide, such as a pool cover or climbing wall

– Waterslides can range from $60k to more than $2m for an addition to your waterpark. Some manufacturers are willing to offer financing options with approved credit. Contact several different suppliers before making any decisions. What one supplier offers might not be what another offers, so make sure you are comparing apples to apples!

These 7 Waterslides From Splashtacular Are Sure to Add All The Thrill To Your Park!

Body Slides What makes our body slides so special in the market?

These slides are carefully designed with Helical parts, built-in risers for fewer seams, and a smoother, safer experience overall.

Importantly, the circular profile makes our body slides more comfortable and safer than standard u-shaped slides. Body slides are ideal for any environment, budget, and promise to give its riders nothing but loads of fun!

Speed Slides Splash’s Speed Slides are all that you need if you’re looking to make up for your guests’ need for speed. Adrenaline-pumping, yet safe – these slides come in a stand-alone slide or multiple tandem slide options.

Drop Slides Drop slides are a time-proven family favorite. These fun machines are one of the most favorite investments for waterpark owners and visiting families alike.

They’re ideal if you want to add some elements of thrill to an existing pool, make things more exciting for your guests, and conserve space when the budget is tight.

Family Slides and Kiddie Racers We at Splashtacular know that family comes first. This is why keeping them safe is just as important as making sure they’re having the time of their lives.

Our Family Slides and Kiddie Racers are perfect for when you’re looking to have a fun-filled, yet secure waterpark experience for your kids and family. Available in multiple color options, and can be designed to your liking too!

Splash BowlsSplashtacular’s Splash Bowls are a quintessential water attraction for thrill-seekers of all ages. Starting with a fast water slide, before launching into the Bowl Water Slides and then finally orbiting with full force into the center – these slides are nothing but a full whirlpool of wonder and thrill!

Raft Slides Looking to add some twists, turns, and lots of thrill to your waterpark? You’ve come to the right place! Our Raft Slides are all of that and so much more. Compact with translucent effects, lights, and sound packages, these rides can instantly turn your waterpark into a wonderland for its guests.

Racing Slides Who doesn’t love a neck-to-neck water race? We all do!

Splashtacular’s Racing Slides are indoor or outdoor multi-lane racing slides available in pairs of two lanes, have a well-synchronized system, and take competitive racing to an all-new level. Whether your guests need the conventional body slide, or an exciting mat-racer one – these Racing Slides do it all.

Wrapping up,

Waterslide manufacturers know that adding waterslides to a park can be a great way to bring that extra revenue in. Waterslides are a fun and safe water sport that everyone is guaranteed to love! Not only do they require less maintenance than some other water attractions, but they offer consistent revenue as long as the park is open – unlike many of the other attractions at a waterpark which may only be available for limited hours. 

We hope this article comes in handy, whenever you’re looking to update your waterpark with slides!