How Can I Get HBO Max At The Cheapest Price?

How Can I Get HBO Max At The Cheapest Price?

We’re living in a time where we can’t possibly think about our lives without the concept of streaming. The idea of cable sounds too old school to us, and so, we are constantly hunting for newer and better-streaming sites with quality content and premium features. 

While watching innovative content is our agenda, we can’t help but think about the burden of monthly subscriptions that we have to pay off. Thus, to sustain our subscriptions and watch content from as many as possible, it becomes important to always look for discounts and the cheapest deals. 

Recently, Netflix increased its price, making it difficult for us to secure our monthly entertainment expenses. But the problem was quickly resolved after the news of the special discount offered by HBO Max made headlines. Since this was our window to save some money, we couldn’t help but look into it more closely. 

After doing the complete research, we discovered that HBO Max has reduced its annual costs by 20% for users who sign up via promotional pages. Thereby, you will get HBO Max with ads at a reduced price of $7.99/mo instead of the regular $9.99/mo. At the same time, its ad-free plan will be available for only $11.99 per month instead of $14.99 a month. 

There are several benefits to the HBO Max plans. For instance, you can experience 4K UHD programming as well as download movies and series to watch offline. You can also get to watch movies on the day of their releases. These are premium features, and so, you will only find them in the ad-free plan. 

Here is the complete guide to watch movies on HBO Max in UK. In this article, we will also be discussing how you can watch HBO Max at the cheapest cost possible. So let’s get started! 

Is HBO Max the same as HBO Now?

Continuing the article with the most basic yet complicated question related to the franchise. For starters, HBO Max and HBO Now have the same price plans. HBO Now was essentially the older name for the streaming service. You will have to pay $15 per month for its regular subscription that gives you access to content from across the globe. Of course, the majority of the content is led by Warner bros media. 

Can You Get HBO Max Trial Via Amazon Prime?

At the moment, HBO Max is not included in the Bundle with Amazon Prime. However, there is a free 7-day trial available to users who’ve previously opted for the free Amazon Prime trial. 

Monthly Subscription for HBO Max on Amazon Prime

When you think about it, Amazon Prime Channel combined with HBO Max will cost you $14.99 per month; HBO Max on its own is the same price. So, it would be dumb to not opt for a subscription that includes both channels merely because you’ll get more content, giving you room to explore and seek variety in your content consumption. 

Price of HBO Max in Different Countries

Using a VPN to create an account from other countries is always a great option to get a much cheaper subscription than what’s available in your country. Therefore, when you’re creating the HBO Max account, make sure you check all the options and price lists of every country before converting it into your local money. 

CountryMonthly Package
United States$9.99
Mexico $7.4
Chile $9.6

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Get HBO Max 

As you can tell by the list provided above, the monthly cost of HBO Max in Brazil is cheaper than what’s available to the audience in the US. The ideal action here would be to use a VPN to create a local account in Brazil to save more money. Therefore, follow the step-by-step guide provided below to get a better understanding of your next task. 

  • Download a premium VPN like Surfshark
  • Connect to a local server in Brazil
  • Create an account and choose Brazil as your country
  • Confirm the subscription at only $5.30 per month

How to Subscribe to HBO Max for Cheap?

There are two plans available at the moment. One is full of ads and the other one is ad-free. Therefore, keeping your budget in mind, opt for any monthly plan–both cost $99.99 and $149.99 annually.

In Conclusion

This article includes all the information related to HBO Max and how you can get it at a much cheaper cost. You can choose various plans and use a VPN to get a subscription as a local from anywhere else. HBO Max has a great library of content and it would be a terrible loss if you don’t consume it. Thus, make sure you get the cheapest offer to gain an HBO Max subscription without any unnecessary hassle.