Stocks making the biggest moves in the premarket with Boeing, Tesla Falling Flat, Nvidia stealing the show

Stocks making the biggest moves in the premarket with Boeing, Tesla Falling Flat, Nvidia stealing the show

Boeing, a company that has made aircraft for decades and is known as one of the most reputable aviation companies in the world, was recently denied certification to manufacture its 777X long-range planes.

The reason? Multiple technical issues need to be resolved before it can receive approval from authorities at FAA.

Boeing shares fell 1.2% (nearly 4 billion dollars) after this news broke out on CNBC earlier today.

Intellia Therapeutics (NTLA) – Intellia shares surged 55.4% in the premarket after announcing positive results for a phase 1 study of gene-editing treatment for transthyretin amyloidosis, a disease that affects many Americans and is characterized by an abnormal buildup of protein deposits causing heart or kidney failure.

Regeneron shares gained 1.6%. CRISPR Therapeutics jumped 13%, as did Editas Medicine with 17%.

The advertising technology company, Perion Network (PERI), saw shares rise 9.9% in the early morning trading session after reporting upbeat second-quarter earnings and upping their full-year forecast for 2019.

The firm has seen recent success from a number of different fronts; this includes increasing revenue by 47%, more than doubling EBITDA margins to 27%. Additionally, they have recently acquired Gogo Media Group Inc., as well as

Mobgardens AB – strengthening its foothold within digital media channels with significant revenues generated outside North America.”

Ocwen Financial Corporation and JOANN have just joined the Russell 2000 Index as of today. Ocwen is a mortgage origination and servicing company while JOANN is an arts and crafts retailer; both securities are now valued at $2 billion each, with OCN’s market capitalization totaling about $4.3 billion (as per MarketWatch).

The index was created in 1984 to provide information on small-cap stocks that represent 2% or less of total U.S stock holdings according to data from Morningstar Directâ„¢ Research Services Inc.; it also tracks approximately 1/6th of all domestic equity mutual funds for institutional investors such as 401k plans, pension funds, endowments, etc., thereby providing them insight into

Johnson & Johnson has agreed to pay $263 million for its involvement in opioid-related claims. The settlement will remove the company from an upcoming trial and they don’t admit or deny guilt behind any wrongdoing.

Tesla Inc. has just announced that they are recalling nearly 300,000 cars to update the software for assisted driving functions. Owners of these vehicles won’t have to come in and get them fixed because it can all be done by remote connection!

MicroStrategy, an analytics company that records billions of dollars worth of bitcoin holdings on its books, has seen its stock go up 3.3% today in premarket trading as the cryptocurrency continues to trade at a feverish pace not seen since late 2013 and early 2014 when it peaked near $1,200 per coin.

Biogen, a company that developed the first FDA-approved therapy for Alzheimer’s disease and is now facing intense scrutiny from lawmakers about its pricing strategy. Although Biogen has yet to comment on these new inquiries into their business practices, they have responded by stating that it will cooperate with any requests made in regards to this matter coming from Congress

The House Energy & Commerce Committee announced an investigation of the process which approved one of Biogen’s newer treatments as well as questioning why there was no generic competitor available at a time when treatment costs are high ($2-$3 million per year). The drug under Senate review would treat early-stage Alzheimer’s symptoms but if awarded approval could cost up to $6 billion over 10 years according to estimates.

The NRG Energy company (NRG) was just added to Goldman Sachs’ Conviction Buy list and increased its price target on the stock.

The energy provider’s stocks closed at $38.49 per share Friday, but have gained 1.8% in premarket trading after being placed on this prestigious buy-list for investors who want a high level of conviction about investment decisions made by an organization’s analysts

Nvidia has gained support from major customers such as Broadcom, Marvell, and MediaTek for its $40 billion takeovers of ARM. With the company making a public display of this support in recent days, Nvidia is on track to reach its goal by 2020.

MetLife is the latest company to be offered by NN Group as a part of their international takeover. This leaves us wondering what they’re going for next, or if there are more acquisitions in the pipeline from this Dutch insurance giant.