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Which IT jobs are in demand?

There are plenty of opportunities to go into the tech careers field, but which are in-demand? An IT job can be found in a wide range of industries, such as software development, consulting, support services, or data analytics. While each industry requires different skillsets and compensation rates within its own field, some jobs come with better overall benefits. Here is a list of the top occupations that typically offer higher wages and more flexible schedules (since most people work standard eight-hour shifts):

  1. Software Developers
  2. Data Scientists
  3. Network Engineers/Systems Engineers
  4. Computer Systems Analysts
  5. Database Administrators/Database Developers/Database Managers

Let’s break these down a little further:

Software developers

Software development is a niche that holds promising career opportunities for highly skilled professionals. The tech industry is growing rapidly, and the demand for software developers, either a MEAN stack developer or a full-stack developer, will increase in the coming years. This career field is also one of the most competitive, so you will need to fully understand every thought process involved in developing software, from design to development to testing and deployment.

Data Scientist

Data scientist job positions are located throughout many industries – from media and entertainment to healthcare or finance – and they are in-demand because companies have increasing amounts of data that they want to analyze. Data scientists design, build and test software to track business trends, understand consumer behavior, and forecast industry developments.

Network Engineers/Systems Engineers

These professionals help organizations optimize their networks – whether that means securing a wireless network against hackers or making sure the company’s email servers are performing optimally. They work in a variety of industries but typically do well in tech-savvy companies that require high-speed online communications. These engineers oversee the development and implementation of computer networks for both private businesses and government organizations.

Computer Systems Analysts

Computer systems analysts work with a variety of employees and departments within the company, providing them with technical expertise on issues such as computer network security, computer and network hardware, and software configuration management. A sizable number of these professionals are working in the telecommunications industry. They can also be found in areas such as healthcare; most industries that require computer systems analysis will hire one or more at any given time.

Database Administrators/Database Developers/Database Managers

People who pursue a career as database administrators, developers, or managers should be comfortable with tech-related concepts, enjoy solving complex problems, and possess excellent communication skills. They set up and oversee the databases that make IT systems function efficiently.

There are many different ways to enter into an IT job field. There are many great resources out there to get information on local colleges offering degrees in software development or data science. You can also enroll in community education classes at a local college or university that specializes in tech training.

Once you have decided on an IT career path, it is important to do the proper research. You can find information about the average salary for a particular position within IT by going to salary-comparison websites. By looking at these websites, you can see how much other companies pay their employees, and then you can use that number to determine what you should be making for your job. You can also use other factors such as cost of living and GDP growth in your area to determine the profitability of different cities in the future.