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Walmart vs Kmart: Which Is the Better One Stop Shop?

What’s your monthly budget look like?

The average American spends almost $9,000 a year on food, and about $2,000 on clothes. Thankfully, with stores such as Kmart and Walmart, consumers can find discounted clothing items, while also saving a ton on groceries.

It might seem like Kmart and Walmart offer a similar shopping experience. However, one of the stores is better at providing a one-stop-shop opportunity.

Read on to find out who wins when it comes to Walmart vs Kmart.

Walmart vs Kmart Store Locations

Did you know that Kmart was originally called S.S. Kresge? It was between 1960 and 1970 that Harry Cunningham oversaw the first Kmart opening. Fast forward to the early 1980s, and Kmart was popping up all over!

However, as you may have noticed, it’s hard to find a Kmart store in your local neighborhood. As of today, there are only 49 remaining Kmart locations in the United States. California has the most Kmart stores, with a total of eight locations.

You can also find a few Kmarts in Southern Florida, and up in Michigan or Virginia. Since Walmart’s are easier to find, they’re already going to be ahead of the game when it comes to being a convenient one-stop-shop.

However, in today’s digital age, in-store shopping isn’t always the preferred method. When it comes to Walmart vs Kmart, which superstar has the best online shopping experience? Let’s start by checking out what Kmart has to offer online.

Pros and Cons of Shopping Kmart Online

Kmart is only one click away when you’re willing to shop online. When you visit the Kmart website, you’ll immediately have the opportunity to locate a physical store. However, if hunting down one of the rare Kmart locations isn’t on your to-do list, you can also begin shopping for a variety of items online.

From clothing to jewelry, to health and beauty, and more, Kmart offers a lot of the same shopping categories as Walmart. If you look at the top of the Kmart website you’ll also notice that there’s a clearance section.

After clicking on the clearance section, you’ll notice that Kmart has a lot of clothing items on clearance. What type of prices do they offer for their discounted apparel? It depends on what you’re shopping for.

If you’re in the market for women’s clothes, you can find deals such as 3/4 sleeve cardigans with floral prints for under $15. However, a lot of their clearance items are listed under the Kmart and marketplace section.

This means that the items you’re purchasing aren’t necessarily coming directly from Kmart themselves, but rather a variety of online vendors contribute to the clearance items. Since you won’t be solely purchasing from Kmart, there’s no guarantee as to the quality of the clothes you’ll be getting.

If you want to source your clothes from strictly Kmart locations, then you’ll need to select the Kmart only option under the clearance tab. Filtering the search results to only include Kmart originals, will help you find clothes that are directly sold by Kmart.

Affordable Shopping Tips for Walmart

Did you know that you can find secret Walmart penny items? As long as you know where to look, savvy shoppers can get the best deals when they’re hunting down Walmart clearance products. For starters, the best time to look for clearances at Walmart is at the beginning of the month, specifically within the first 5 days.

Next, if you’re going to an in-person store, be sure to scope out the clearance aisle to find a variety of items from electronics, to things like the interior decor.

Kmart Point System

Moving on, Kmart offers its customers a redeemable point system. The point system is called shop your way. You can use your points on the marketplace to purchase partner products that don’t come directly from Kmart or to buy Kmart originals.

You’ll be able to use your points on anything listed on the Kmart site, as long as it’s not an eBay item. How do the points work exactly? You’ll get 1% cashback in points for every dollar you spend at Kmart.

If you happen to purchase items under bonus point programs, you can get more than the 1% cash back amount.

Pros and Cons of Walmart Online

There are tons of physical Walmart locations, however, their online shopping experiences are wonderful as well! If you want to enjoy rewards for the purchases you make, Walmart offers a special membership program. While Amazon may seem like the top one-stop shop for online purchases, you may be surprised to learn that Walmart has really stepped up their online offerings to compete with their competitors. So how does Walmart fulfillment services compare to Amazon? Walmart offers the same, if not better, services for vendors to ensure that the products you want are readily available for quick delivery to your home.

Does Walmart Have It All?

Last but not least, let’s talk about the different types of items you can buy at Walmart. You can count on Walmart having any, and all of the products that Kmart carries, plus a little bit more. The superstore is well known for its ability to cater to all of its customer’s shopping needs.

Not only will you be able to find all of the groceries, and clothes you need, but you can also take care of other items on your to-do list. For instance, Walmart has a wonderful in-store financial service department. You can visit Walmart’s money center to do things such as cash checks, or transfer money to a friend.

Walmart also can help you with things in the health department, since their pharmacy loves to offer free health screenings. Simply look for a Walmart wellness day to find a free health screening opportunity.

Next, when it comes to wanting to shop and get out of the store quickly, self-checkout can be a wonderful tool. You’ll be happy to know that almost every Walmart location has several self-checkout stations for their customer’s convenience.

Find Your One-Stop-Shop

After reading this article, it’s clear to see that when it comes to Walmart vs Kmart, Walmart is the best one-stop shop when you’re looking for quality and variety. Since shopping in-store can be time-consuming, go ahead and check out Walmart’s online shopping experience today.

Be sure to peruse the website for clearance deals, as well as membership opportunities. Remember, if you become a Walmart member, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of perks.

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