Scammers defraud victims of gold with heavy bags cement

The Defence Unit of the Ghana Armed Forces have revealed how some persons were able to defraud their victims of sending them gold but they rather sent heavy bags of cement.

12 persons believed to be foreign nationals together with some Ghanaians to dupe their victims and in one instance they defrauded an individual of $400,000.

But, the Defence Unit of the Ghana Armed Forces has been able to arrest them and have handed them to the appropriate security agencies in the county.

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The suspects include Mohammed Sallam, 50, Libyan; Hassan Mohammed, 39, Chadian; Derrick Salome, 42, Ghanaian; Mariam Abdallah, 39, Malian; Adams Jibril, 46, Ghanaian ( leader of gang); Yakubu Yahyah, 70, Ghanaian; Mobasil Samfo,23, Burkinabe and six others unnamed as as the time of filing this report.

Deputy Director of Public Affairs of the Ghana Armed Forces Andy La-Anyanewjo spoke to Citi FM, noted that “they take you to their office and you make the payment. After that you travel to your country expecting your goods to arrive but will later be a different item instead of the initial order you placed and all their victims are not Ghanaian ls but foreigners.