Dramatic video shows the moment London cops fired two bullets into the paroled terrorist who had just fatally stabbed two people in a knife attack at London Bridge on Friday afternoon.

The attacker — now identified by London police as paroled terror criminal Usman Khan, 28, arrested in 2010 as part of a nine-man plot to bomb Big Ben, the London Stock Exchange and Westminster Abbey — died on the spot, officials said.

The video first shows Khan struggling with a good Samaritan on the bridge as armed police officers rush in and surround him.

One of the cops then pulls the civilian off the terrorist, the video shows. Moments later, the zealot’s body convulses as two shots ring out.

The madman has a previous conviction for an “Islamist terrorism-related offense” — and was still wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet, multiple news outlets reported.

The terror group Khan admitted belonging to was inspired by Al-Qaeda, the Guardian reported.

Khan was singled out by a judge at his sentencing as one of “the more serious jihadists.” The judge recommended that he and two others in the group should not be released from prison until they are fully rehabilitated, the Guardian reported.

He was sprung from prison about a year ago after agreeing to electronic monitoring, the Telegraph reported, citing anonymous government sources.

He stabbed five people in Friday’s attack, killing two and wounding three, police said.

Witnesses sprang into action and tackled him to the ground before police responded to the scene. One of the hero civilians ripped a 5-foot Narwhal tusk from the wall of a nearby historic hall and used it to help subdue the knife-wielding madman, a witness said.

Khan reportedly began his attack at the hall, where he was to give a speech describing himself as rehabilitated, the Telegraph reported.