Officials say a guy was stabbed to death during a dispute in Greenwich Village.

Extremely uncommon incidents of violence of this nature are reported to the New York Police Department’s Sixth Precinct, which is responsible for Greenwich Village and the West Village.

According to the reports from the authorities, a man was fatally stabbed early on Friday morning in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City.

Samer Abdalla, 28, is accused of getting into a fight with a group of four Hispanic guys just before 1:30 in the morning near West 4 Street and 6 Avenue in New York City, according to the police.

According to the reports of the police, the victim, who was a resident of Brooklyn, sustained multiple stab wounds to the body. The group had already departed by the time the police got on the scene.


Abdalla was taken to a hospital in the area, but he was confirmed dead after doctors performed a comprehensive examination on him. The four male suspects are presently a target of the investigation, but the authorities have not disclosed any other information regarding their names.

According to the authorities, the murder weapon is still out there on the loose as well.

The data kept by the police department of the 6th Precinct indicate that there have been no more homicides committed in the precinct so far in the current year. As of the 8th of May, the authorities report that there have been no gunshots so far this year, in contrast to the same period in 2021, when there were two shootings. Since the beginning of the year, there has been an uptick in the number of serious crimes that have been committed, such as rapes, burglaries, and major thefts.