Roy Keane mocks Manchester United over their attempt to sign Chelsea defender.
Roy Keane mocks Manchester United over their attempt to sign Chelsea defender.

Roy Keane mocks Manchester United over their attempt to sign Chelsea defender.

Former Manchester United midfielder has mocked his former side’s attempt to lure Antonio Rudiger to Manchester United on a free transfer.

Rudiger is set to leave Chelsea at the end of the season and Real Madrid is reported to be the next destination for the German defender.

Roy Keane on Rudiger’s transfer

As part of studio pundits to discuss the Manchester United and Chelsea game at Old Trafford.

Jamie Redknapp asked Keane if he would have preferred Man United to make a move for Rudiger.

Keane jokingly said United had little chance of winning the race with Madrid for Rudiger because the defender prefers to win titles.

Jamie: “Would you have liked to see Man United go for him?” 

Roy: “I think they have done, but he thought no I want to win some trophies.” 

He wants to say that his departure will be a big loss to Chelsea.

‘’Huge loss, huge loss, obviously for what he does on the football pitch’’.

‘He’s a big character, a very, very good player of course.

‘But I reckon what he brings to the dressing room and on the training ground day in, day out, he’s going to be a big loss to them.

He’s been outstanding this season, the fact his contract’s been up.

‘Obviously, that’s probably motivated him as well to get a better deal, it’s not worked out at Chelsea for obvious reasons with sanctions, etc.

‘But he’s got a great move and I have no doubt about him, he’ll finish the season strongly, he just seems that type of character.’

Roy Keane claims manchester United plays like Championship side

Roy Keane has slammed Manchester United’s first-half display against Chelsea at the Old Trafford.

‘I think their heads are gone,’ he said on Sky Sports.

‘They are easy to play against, they don’t run back with any intensity. There is no surprise in what we have seen tonight – it reflects where this group is.

‘They are shot to pieces.

‘It’s like an FA Cup tie…it’s like Chelsea are a top team and Manchester United are a Championship side – they are short on quality and just staying in the game.’

His Club teammate and former England Gary Neville international shared the same sentiments as Roy saying he was ashamed by the performance of some of the United players.

He said:‘Chelsea deserve to be ahead’.

“United is the type of team for any football fan watching that you almost want to get beat”.

‘They need beating because they set a really poor example around work ethic and trying – and all the things that parents and teachers tell their children every single day.

‘This lot get paid a fortune and they are walking. Embarrassed.’

Manchester United played a 1-1 draw with Chelsea which leave their hope of qualifying for the Champions League almost impossible.
The result means Manchester United are on fifty-five (55) points which is three points behind fifty places Tottenham who are on fifty-eight points and five points behind e fourth-place Arsenal who are on sixth points.