Natural ways to Protect your Erection
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Natural ways to Protect your Erection

What is ED?

Erectile dysfunction(ED) now becomes the most common ongoing issue in the normal part of aging in man. the penis is a complicated structure in a human being and somehow it has a complicated connection with the heart, vessels, nerves, lungs, and brain to work properly but if a problem occurs in any of those will cause erectile dysfunction.

It is the main reason of stress, various heart diseases and also affect your self-confidence and play a salient role in creating relationship problem with your partner. There are several problems that a man faces due to erectile dysfunction and one of them is an embarrassment to share with your doctor.

The treatment of the underlying condition is enough to reverse ED but in other cases, medication like Cenforce 100, Cenforce200, Fildena, Vidalista, Vidalista 60, ED Meds from has been proven effective treatment for ED, and your lifestyle changes will play an important role in treatment. Here are several natural ways that are proven to be an effective strategy to treat erectile dysfunction.

Eat healthy diet

The low fiber and proteinous diet will affect the function of heart muscles and narrow your arteries by depositing the fat in the wall of an artery that will result in restricted blood flow and coronary heart diseases ultimately leads to ED. ED is relatively uncommon in men who follow the Mediterranean dies which includes vegetables, fish, whole grains, nuts, and fruits.

Maintain healthy weight

Most of the health problem is somehow related with being overweight. For example, the high glucose level in the blood (type-2 diabetes) causes nerve damage and affects the signaling towards the penis, and ultimately became a cause of ED.

Avoid smoking

The toxins present in tobacco cause the damage to blood vessel lining and are also a major component of lung cancer. The damaged blood vessel due to tobacco use could not able to supply proper blood where it is needed thus may become a major factor for ED.

Avoid Alcohol

Drinking in excess can decrease the testosterone level in blood which will affect the production of sperms in the testis. The long-term consumption of alcohol leads to fatty liver disease, heart disease, and dysfunction in the nervous system which results in ED.

Mental health

Mental health play a major role in the cure of any disease and anxiety has been proven to be a major cause of erectile dysfunction. It has been proven in research that distraction in bed leading to sexual anxiety and causes ED. So we should not have any negative feelings about our genitals.

Medical check-ups

Men should regularly check their testosterone and adrenalin hormone levels because they are the major hormones that are important for proper muscles contraction and blood vessel functions both are related to curing ED.

Avoid depression

Depression is thought to be a major contributor to ED because any type of depression or disturbance will cause a sleeping disorder like insomnia. This will affect the proper function of the nervous system and leads to the major cause of ED.

Control the stress level

Adrenaline, a hormone that is secreted by the gland present upon the kidney helps in the contraction of blood vessel increases during the stress condition cause the erectile dysfunction. To down-regulate, the signaling of that hormone one can stay in the present moment and improve your concentration power that will help in the cure of ED.

Limit porn

Watching porn is not all wrong but if you are facing an erection problem it will affect the levels of the hormone of your body which results in erectile dysfunction.


Physical activity will always boost your physical strength as well as your mental strength. Regular exercise improves the oxygen supply to your lung and blood for their proper function which ultimately cures the ED.

Bike carefully

Putting too much pressure on the perineum by doing exercise or any heavy work can injure the blood vessel and nerves that supply the blood and signal to the penis causing ED.