Long-Distance Relationship Survival Guide for Newbie Couples

Long-Distance Relationship Survival Guide for Newbie Couples

Are you in a new relationship? Do you guys live together or near each other?  If you are, then you are one among many lucky couples. Some people had to be far from their partners for career reasons. At the same time, others live significantly far from one another from the get-go.

Hence, long-distance relationships, widely known as LDR, exist because it’s the setup necessary to sustain your mutual bond with your partner. Truly enough, it needs sustenance. And that is where new couples struggle.

In fact, there is a more significant percentage for LDRs to fail than to survive. New couples, especially, would find it challenging to deal with distance as a relationship barrier. However, you would ask, “What did those who got through do?” To know the answer to this question, here are some helpful tips to help you get through the challenge of a long-distance relationship.

Stay Intimate Amidst The Distance

Intimacy is an essential factor in making relationships work. The kisses, the hugs, the touches, the warmth, and the romance all constitute being intimate. However, it is not always the tangible things. So, even if you are away from your partner, you can still express intimacy to your partner in many ways.

Amidst being far away from each other, you can still make your partner feel wanted by being caring and being thoughtful. Video calls and chatting gave people a better option to address longing. It allows you to reassure one another that you badly missed them.

In addition, sexual pleasure, an essential part of intimacy, is technically impossible for you and your partner at the moment. However, you can resort to an alternative and work it through.

Many couples turn to adult toys to remedy the lack of sexual intimacy. If you both agree, you can get your partner a masturbator as a gift. You can get the best prostate toy or that fantastic vibrator for your significant other. The bottom line, stay intimate amidst the distance.

Looking Forward Equates To Excitement

Looking forward to something keeps one excited. Take some time to talk about what the two of you can do together when you’ve finally conquered the distance. Plan activities that you can enjoy. You can go for a movie date, a beach escapade, a candlelight dinner, etc. When you have something to wait for and hope for, you will want each other more.

Communicate In Between Busy Schedules

Communication is a crucial key to every successful relationship. Being able to communicate despite your busy schedule is something that you can appreciate from your partner.

Given you are in a long-distance relationship, consistently finding time to talk or send a message to one another strengthens your trust and makes you at ease knowing that you are not ignored nor taken for granted amidst busy schedules.

Trust And Understanding

An open mind has a greater perspective about things. And having a good understanding of things parallels the outlook you provide towards your relationship. Trust, on the other hand, is a by-product of having good judgment.

Being able to trust while being understanding can make the other person feel important. It is crucial, especially for LDRs. Long-distance relationships are built on trust and understanding.

Plan A Visit

The best feeling you can have while in a long-distance relationship is to finally see each other in person after a very long time of being away. What can make this possible? Simple, plan a visit. Allocate one day in a month to visit your partner.

If a monthly visit isn’t possible because of work or something else, plan an annual visit instead. When you do this, there is a high probability that your relationship can survive.

Manage Your Expectations

If you are in one of those relationships where you never met one another in person, yet you decided to be called a couple, manage your expectations. Frustrations start when you expect too much from the other person.

Take time to tone down expectations that might disappoint you. Avoid making assumptions about your relationship and your significant other. Do not assume too much. There is lesser harm in asking than believing your assumptions.


To be in a new relationship can be exciting. Yet it mixes your emotions from being happy of  finally finding a person to love to worrying they might be gone the next day. Being in a long-distance relationship, on the other hand, is plain challenging and fearsome. It gives you worries coming from trust and longing.

However, overcoming these fears is another story. It has something to do with your conviction and how serious you are about your relationship. If you want to survive LDR, show that you can do whatever it takes to save it.