Easy Tips to Make Your Preparation Journey Easy for Class 12 Physics Exam

Easy Tips to Make Your Preparation Journey Easy for Class 12 Physics Exam

Class 12 is considered to be a huge landmark in a student’s life and it is done rightly so. After class 12, a student starts another new phase of their life. Yes, so 12th board marks are important for this reason. Now, it might sound intimidating to a lot of you but with proper tips, you will be able to prepare well for your examinations. Keep reading this article to know how you can prepare for your Physics exam of class 12.

Preparation Tips

Now, let us take a look at a few preparation tips that will help you secure good marks in your class 12 Physics.

  • The first thing to keep in mind is that the class 12th Physics is divided into nine units. They are as follows- Electrostatics, Current electricity, Magnetic Effects of current and magnetism, Electromagnetic Induction and alternating currents, Electromagnetic waves, Optics, Dual nature of radiation and matter, atoms and nuclei, and electronic devices. These nine parts each carry a certain percentage of weightage in your examination. You will get a marks distribution of the chapter at the beginning of your textbook. This marks distribution is done according to the weightage of each chapter or each section in your 12th board examinations. This marks distribution will help you understand the importance of each chapter and will help you prepare better. Just remember one thing- even if the marks assigned to a certain chapter are less, which does not mean that the chapter is less important. You have to give importance to all the chapters.
  • Now, once you know the marks distribution of each section, you will get a clearer picture as to how to prepare better for your exams. So next, take note of how many chapters are there under each category. This will help you make a lesson plan. Making a lesson plan will help you cover the whole syllabus evenly. If you make a routine and a lesson plan, you will not be overwhelmed by the syllabus. This will help you remember each topic clearly and will help you figure out the important parts and learn accordingly.
  • Numerical problems are a crucial part of Physics. To be able to do numerical problems, you need to understand the concepts of each subject. By reading the chapter thoroughly and paying attention in class, you will get a clear idea of the concepts and be able to solve the numerical problems easily. Also, keep in mind to learn each and every formula properly. Memorizing the formula and knowing every concept will help you solve the numerical problems together.
  • So every unit is divided into further chapters which cover the whole content in the units. To be able to cover the whole syllabus properly, start by reading each chapter thoroughly. Read each and every line at least once to get an idea of what is being taught to you in the chapter. After reading the whole chapter in the textbook once, find out where you have doubts, jot down the parts you are unable to comprehend or understand. Ask about those parts to your subject teacher. Your subject teacher will definitely clear your doubts. Once your doubts are cleared, re-read that certain part once again. Make sure that your doubts are cleared and you can clearly understand all the concepts related to that chapter. Once you are done with this, underline or highlight the parts which you think are important. Your subject teacher will help you with this part too. Once highlighted, revise those portions weekly so that you remember the important parts well. 
  • Once done with reading each chapter, you need to practice. Now let us discuss how to practice your Physics for class 12. Practice it chapter-wise. For example, read one chapter the way it is mentioned in the previous point. After reading and memorizing the important parts, do the book exercises. The book exercises will contain one-word answer questions, long questions, and short questions. Practice each type of question thoroughly. Also, practicing the different types of questions in your exercise will give you an idea regarding the type of questions that will come in your exam. Sometimes in your school exams, you will get questions straight from your textbook exercises. Hence, for all reasons, it is very necessary to practice your textbook exercises well after learning every chapter.
  • Now, let us discuss solutions. As discussed, you will have exercises in your textbook after every chapter. Now, the question is that how will you decide whether the answer you wrote for your questions of the textbook exercises is correct.  For this, there are solutions available online. Go to Google, and then type “Vedantu CBSE class 12 Physics” You will get the chapter-wise solutions of all the questions in your NCERT Physics textbook of class 12. So in this way, even after writing your own answers, you can check whether the answer you have written is correct. You will also get ideas as to how to write better answers for each question in your exams.
  • Once you are thorough with your chapters in the ways that are mentioned in the previous points, you should start solving mock question papers and previous year’s board question papers. Not only this will help you in revising every important topic of each chapter of your class 12 Physics, but also you will feel more confident after being able to solve the question papers. If you get stuck while solving mock question papers, do not get disheartened. Go back to your textbook and re-read the part you forgot. This is the best way to revise.


While concluding this article, it is important to mention, that Physics is a scoring subject and also has huge prospects in your post-class 12 studies. If you follow a proper way of studying your chapters, no one will be able to stop you from scoring the highest marks in this subject. Good Luck!