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How Long Does An Interior Paint Job Last?

When done right, interior painting could change the outlook of your home and even increase its value significantly. 

To ensure that the interior painting is carried out excellently, you must hire only the best painting contractor around you. Suppose you are in Brisbane and you are in need of an excellent interior painting company to come to your aid. You can check here for residential painting Brisbane.

Irrespective of whether you hire the best hands or not for your interior painting, after a while, your interior painting is still going to fade, and you will need to repaint. 

Averagely, your interior paint job is expected to last between 5-10 years. However, the duration between each repainting is subject to some factors, one of which is the expertise of the painters.

Listed below are other factors that could influence the longevity of your interior paint job. 

Factors That Affects An Interior Paint Job

The Area To Be Painted  

The lifespan of your interior paint job is largely dependent on the number of activities going on in the area being painted. Since some rooms in the house will receive more foot traffic than others, this automatically exposes the painting job done in that area to damages. 

Take, for instance, the paint job in the living room is likely to fade faster or get damaged more easily than that of the storage space. This is mainly because the storage space is visited less often compared to the living room, which is the most visited area of the house. 

You are expected to experience faster fading or damage to the paint job in the bathroom, recreational spaces, and kitchen.

You may have to repaint these rooms more frequently than the others to maintain the appeal of the home. Therefore, when planning a paint redo, these rooms with heavy foot traffic should be considered more.

Quality Of The Paint Used Matters

Another major factor that affects the interior paint job is the quality of paint used. The quality of the paint used is a deciding factor in the longevity of your paint job. 

Since quality paints are pretty expensive, a lot of people are tempted to buy cheaper paint to cut costs. However, it would be best to keep in mind that the lower the quality of the paint, the faster it fades. This means you will have to perform more frequent touch-ups and repaint by using low-quality paints, thereby spending more in the long run.

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The Expertise Of The Painter

The expertise of the painter handling your paint job plays a significant role in how long it lasts. No matter the quality of the paint you use, if the painter lacks the basic knowledge of painting, your resources will be wasted in the end. 

Using a professional for your paint job not only guarantees you a quality job done, but it also saves you money over the years. 

To ensure that the painter you have chosen is the right one, it is best to ask for references from their most recent clients.  

Weather Condition Of The Area

How long your painting job will last depends on the weather conditions of the area your house is situated. For instance, cold weather conditions cause the paint to absorb excess moisture. This absorbed moisture will eventually lead to swelling of the painted surface and weakens the adhesion. 

Improper Surface Preparation

Before a painting job starts, it is a must to do some prep work on the surfaces. Some of this prep work includes; caulking, priming, cleaning, dusting, and sanding. Without doing this prep work, your paint may start to peel off or crack after a little while. You may also notice a lack of uniformity across your surface, as some areas may get raised when compared to others. 

How To Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Paint Job

To prolong the lifespan of your paint job, maintaining it and re-touching it when necessary is critical. Regular cleaning with suitable materials and chemicals will help sustain the quality of your paint job. Also, ensure that you dust, vacuum, and scrub your home frequently, as this is a crucial component to maintaining your interior paint job and having it look fresh for many years.

Whenever your paint job is damaged, you should ensure that you get ahead of the problem on time to prevent further damage. Quick repairs might be enough to remedy the damage if it’s mild. You can just run a touched-up for minor surface-level damages. However, if severe, you may have to do a new paint job for the damaged surface.