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The Essential Kitchen Cutting Tools You Need

In case you just made a great deal on the best gas grill under 200, it’s time to give the beauty a try. Now, you need something to slice the ingredients with, but want to make sure you’re using the right tool? We’ve all been there, and it is a good sign that you have the appropriate kitchen etiquette. Below, you’d be finding out about the essential tools for cutting in the kitchen.

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Top Cutting Tools for Your Kitchen


These are the first tools that come to mind immediately when you think about cutting, and this list would be largely incomplete without them. Knives have existed for a very long time, and they’ve been used for cutting everything. As expected, there are different types of knives, and selecting the right one is key to a delightful cutting process. In summary, you should make sure it is made from top-quality steel and that it feels comfortable when you hold it.

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards may not come to mind easily, but they are one of the essential cutting tools you can’t do without in any kitchen. Although it does not cut anything itself, cutting or chopping boards are used alongside other cutting tools for a couple of purposes. These include making the process safer and protecting your kitchen counter from knife marks. There are plastic, wooden, and glass cutting boards, and each one offers unique benefits and downsides.

Slicers and Cutters

As civilization improves, we’ve also seen the invention of numerous cutting tools for different ingredients. Slicers are known for their substantial ease and how they make cutting faster. A good example is a cheese or plantain slicer that also comes in different shapes. Some of them allow you to make multiple cuts in a single operation. Others, like the French fries cutter, produce finely cut pieces in a couple of back and forth swings.

Scissors and Smaller Tools

Scissors are also quite helpful, especially when cutting ingredients packs and packaging. Other smaller tools exist for cutting and peeling fruits and vegetables.

Best Knife for Cutting Vegetables

An excellent cook is aware of the importance of using the right type of knife for every ingredient in the kitchen. For vegetables, some of your best options include the Santoku, Nakiri, or Western Chef knife. Santoku knives are uniquely shaped knives believed to be from Japan. You can recognize these from their rounded tip and light build. They do well with a lot of veggies, including herbs, garlic, and zucchini.

Nakiri knives are perfect for just vegetables and do not offer much versatility due to their block shape. Western chef’s knives, on the other hand, come in different forms, most of which feature a pointed tip and a curved cutting edge. It is a favorite for many because it allows you to rock chop.


Now that we know all the most essential kitchen cutting tools you need, it is imperative that you get the best quality. We recommend that you check out the reviews on for easy decision-making. Also, don’t forget to maintain all these tools properly to keep them in top shape.