London Business E-School setting a benchmark in online education with its distinguished courses

London Business E-School setting a benchmark in online education with its distinguished courses

London Business E-School, also known as LondonBES is a leading global Business School based in the UK and committed to academic excellence, focused on business and the professions. Since the pandemic began, e-learning has become an important feature of the education industry, and London Business E-School successfully marked itself as one of the leading institutions to take this initiative. Committed to delivering the highest academic standard, offering world-class faculty, and providing a range of courses, London Business E-School has been included in the list of top Business Schools of the UK.


London Business E-School offers several executive courses, short courses, corporate courses, and training exam preparation for the several finance and business programmes. LondonBES is not only an accredited institution but also has degree-awarding powers of its own.  London Business E-School’s (Reg. # 08089622) principal activities are accepted from Companies House of United Kingdom. Some of the services offered are:

  • First-degree level higher education
  • Post-graduate level higher education
  • Educational support services
  • Other information technology service activities

Other services include business services, financial services, conferences services, mail center, and verification. London Business E-School has been providing higher education services to students for almost 10 years and recently comprises a diverse student body from many countries like the United States, Canada, Georgia, Turkey, Ukraine, South Africa, Middle East, etc.

Distinguished Programs

London Business E-School provides students an opportunity to study business,

management and finance, at both the masters and doctoral levels. London Business E-School has created  a system that allows dedicated students to continue their studies and improve their skills even after the  bachelor’s program. Moreover, professional programs like Business law, accounting, and auditing are some of the most appreciated courses at London Business E-School.

A major turning point for London Business E-School has been the development of online education in January 2021. It offers more than 200 diverse online course programs which are well developed by the School’s Academic Team to ensure that students gain a memorable and fruitful experience. The London Business E-School online certification program is designed for all categories of people – those who have graduated from higher education, those who have not received higher education yet but are willing to master the professions in demand, and those people who wish to obtain a British qualification for varying reasons like increased job chances.

Another renowned and widely appreciated program is the London Business E-School Higher Finance Certification Program (HFCP) which consists of 4 levels and 18 courses. After completing these courses, students have the opportunity to become financial managers, financial analysts, accountants, auditors, etc. Past students have successfully entered the competing job market.  With the help of the London Business E-Schoool program, students can obtain a UK-recognized certificate that will enhance their competitiveness in the job market. The structure of its program is based on a synthesis of theory and practice that not only provides vast academic knowledge to the students but also helps them develop the skills that will shape students into more competitive professionals in the future.

Future Goals

LondonBES launched its Strategic Plan for 2021-2026 in Jan 2021. The breathtaking plan aims to secure LondonBES’s position as a leading global Business School through a renewed commitment to academic excellence, a continuing focus on business and the professions, and investment in research-excellent academic staff, information systems, and services infrastructure and property and facilities.

The Plan not only identifies how the Business School will continue to develop and strengthen through its focus on the quality of education, research and enterprise, and the physical environment in Business Park but also provides motivation and direction to its esteemed and dedicated workforce. The academic performance and satisfaction of students and staff are held as the highest priority by the management and they aim to specifically evolve the online learning industry by providing 360-degree courses that can engage and entice students in a more interactive and fun way. The institution is rapidly expanding its operations to countries other than the UK, and in the long run, it envisions becoming not only the market leader in the UK but also across the world.

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