Closeup portrait of young woman showing, with his finger, inflamed upper gingiva with pain expression. Dental care and toothache.

5 Daily Habits for Preventing Gum Disease

Did you know that around half of Americans have some form of gum disease?

Even though gum disease is common, that doesn’t mean that the condition should be ignored. Since gingivitis gets worse over time if left untreated, it’s best to catch it early and start using healthy techniques to reverse the damage.

Is preventing gum disease possible in our fast-paced society? Keep reading to learn 5 habits you can incorporate into your everyday life.

1. Don’t Skip Flossing

Flossing can be a nuisance, so it’s no wonder why many people admit to skipping it in their daily routine. As tedious or messy as this chore can be, you can’t afford to miss it. When you floss properly, you’re removing tons of food particles and plaque that can promote gingivitis.

As you floss, make sure you get both sides of the gums between each tooth and be gentle. If you notice any bleeding, this is often an early warning sign of gum disease, which means you need to work harder at maintaining your oral health.

2. Learn How to Brush Your Teeth the Right Way

Most people don’t know that their toothbrush could be doing more harm than good. If you’re using a hard-bristle toothbrush and scrubbing your mouth aggressively, then you could be removing the protective layer of enamel from your teeth and irritating your gums. It’s best to make the switch to a soft-bristled brush and gently scrub your entire mouth for at least two minutes.

3. Mouthwash Can Catch Things You Missed

Flossing and brushing can give you a deep clean, but sometimes you can still leave behind harmful bacteria. This is why finishing with some mouthwash can give you peace of mind that your smile will stay happy and healthy.

4. Make Mindful Dietary Choices

We all know about the dangers of sugar, but it can be hard to quit. Although you don’t have to adopt a perfect diet, there are more mindful choices you can make. Avoiding sticky candies that get stuck in your teeth and drinking lots of water after eating to flush out your mouth are two of the many tricks you can use to fight off gum disease.

5. Get Regular Dental Cleanings

If you want to know how to prevent gum disease, your dentist is your greatest ally. Not only can they help educate you, but they can also monitor your mouth to catch any issues before they turn into bigger problems. Getting your teeth cleaned by the dentist twice a year is a simple way you can take care of your oral hygiene.

Preventing Gum Disease Isn’t as Challenging as You Might Think

Since our oral health is linked closely to our overall health, preventing gum disease should be everyone’s top priority. If you follow these tips, then you can maintain a beautiful smile for years to come.

Now that you know how to have healthy gums, why not upgrade the rest of your self-care routine? Our blog is the ultimate source for all health and wellness news and tips, so be sure to check out our other articles.