Quit Smoking

Five Steps to Quit Smoking

Research reveals that as many as 90% of current smokers wish they were able to kick the habit, but their efforts have failed. What a lot of them have not tried though is an e-cigarette, NZ and in most cases, they tried cold turkey without support. Doing it that way is a lot harder. Here is a look at getting onto and staying on the road to a healthier life.

  • Mean it when you say you want to quit

A lot of smokers talk about quitting vaguely but they do not put much heart into it because they know it will be hard. When you start talking about quitting you need to mean it. Until you are fully committed to giving this a try, even if it is your 45th try, it is not going to work out. You might have plans to use an e cigarette NZ to help this time, but you still need to be devoted to giving your all. Being a non-smoker takes daily commitment for the rest of your life. There will be times even years after when you think you want one, or you see someone smoking and want to, or a stressful situation or emotional situation happens and you want one. Commit.

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  • Write down a list of why you are doing it

For a lot of people writing things down makes it more real and less vague. So write down every reason for you to give up. Some of them might be common reasons a lot of smokers give, to be healthier, to spend less money, to smell better. But connect each of your reasons to something personal so you have more motivation. To be healthier, sure, but then you can run with your grandson who is 6 and has all this amazing energy and you cannot keep up with hacking and coughing. To spend less money, yes, but maybe so you can take your partner on that honeymoon you never had. Find reasons that will motivate you so when it gets hard you can look and say yes that is why I have to stick with it. Put your list up somewhere so you can see it every day.

  • Decide on and stick to your quitting date

So many of us smokers have said oh I will quit when I finish this pack, and then oh I am stressed right now I will quit when I don’t have other things to think about. It is all vague and it is all excuses. It is understandable as quitting is hard. No matter what method you use it will take focus and you will have days that are harder than others. So set a date and stick with it no matter what else happens.

  • Talk to people around you about it

If none of your friends know you are quitting they will offer you a cigarette and tempt you, light up around you, take you to situations where it is harder to resist. Tell people you are quitting, maybe you are using e-cigarette options, and that any support they can offer would be great. See your non-smoking friends and family more!

  • Plan how you are going to achieve this

Plan how you are going to do this. It has been found that people without support have less success with quitting than those that do so make sure you have that. Are you using medications so you need to talk to your doctor, or vaping with an e cigarette, NZ perhaps? Think about the times when you want a cigarette and what you are going to do at those moments to get past the craving.