Advantages of Using A Car Seat Pad Made From Memory Foam

Advantages of Using A Car Seat Pad Made From Memory Foam

Lying in bed at night desperately waiting to fall asleep can be a terrible experience. After a long day, all you crave for is to sleep peacefully but you could be experiencing pain and discomfort which makes it difficult to fall asleep.

Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on getting a new bed, covers and sleeping pills, why not try a wedge pillow made with memory foam.

Having the right pillow makes a significant impact on your quality of sleep. Today, wedge pillows are taking the market by storm because they seem to be the solution. Its unique design elevates the neck and back which gives a zero-gravity feeling. The comfort and support help users go to bed and wake up feeling rejuvenated.

Everlasting Comfort Car and Truck Seat Cushion – Memory Foam Wedge Chair Driving Pillow (Black) is one amazing seat pad made by everlasting comfort.

What is a Memory Foam?

Memory foam or viscoelastic foam is a very durable type of foam original invented by NASA. This type of foam has high density and provides good support and excellent pressure relief.

Memory foam have a heat reactive cushion that helps it mold it shape to mimic any source of heat and pressure placed on it. Doing this makes them more comfortable to use as they fit the body perfectly over time. They can also return to their original shape when the source of pressure is lifted.

Benefits of Using a Car Seat Pad With Memory Foam

Spinal Alignment

Do you suffer back discomfort, neck pain, or headaches? Poor spinal alignment is one of the common causes for any of these conditions. Sleeping on a wedge helps align you back by slightly elevating it but memory foams take your comfort to a new level.

The weight and warmth of your body reconfigures the shape of your wedge pillow so it becomes perfect for your back, and neck. This provides support for the heavy part of your head, without causing discomfort to your neck region.

It lets your muscles relax by providing natural spinal support to promote a deep and restful sleep.


Memory foams maintains their shape without flatting out. A memory foam wedge mounds to the shape of the back, neck and head but returns to the original shape once it cools down.

Unlike regular pillows that develop lumps, flattens or wear out, memory foams consistently return to its original shape.

By design, memory foams outlive other high-quality pillows.

To summarize, the Everlasting comfort memory wedge pillow is a great source of comfort since molds to the shape of a person’s body. They can also reshape to fit your sleeping position each night to deliver maximum comfort.