How low Testosterone can affect your marriage

How low Testosterone can affect your marriage

Every couple shares their high and low points, but eventually, we all laugh and makeup – and make up more. As we get older and as we fall into that true love phase rather than that new love phase, we start to notice that sex isn’t as regular. We’re busy. We have kids. Things get in the way.

But what happens when there’s plenty of time and opportunity, and sex still isn’t happening? Is he having an affair? Maybe he doesn’t love you anymore? Not likely.

Suffering (and yes – it is suffering!) from a lack of sex drive is one of the most noticeable, concrete signs of low testosterone. Low T doesn’t just affect your partner’s sex drive, however.

Let’s take a look at how the testosterone hormone affects your husband’s health, and how to help him get back into the swing of things.

Testosterone: What is it?

In men, testosterone is one of the most important hormones. It’s the hormone that makes them men. 

From facial hair to muscle growth and everything in between, it’s crucial. Needless to say, there’s a huge relationship between testosterone and sperm production, meaning that low T can even affect your husband’s ability to have children.

Testosterone starts really hitting a male’s endocrine system during puberty when his testicles begin to secrete the hormone. He will have his highest levels between the ages of 15-30 on average. After that, testosterone will naturally start to decline every year by around 1-2%.

How does testosterone affect men’s health?

If you’ve ever watched late-night commercials, you’re probably well-versed with low T and its impact on men’s sex lives. However, that’s only one piece of the pie.

Just like estrogen is crucial for women’s health with age, testosterone is crucial to men. It helps to keep their bone density and muscle mass healthy and strong. It also helps to regulate both red blood cell production and fat distribution.

This is why it’s not unusual to see older men with hunches or pouch-bellies.

Signs and symptoms of low Testosterone in men

While it’s more common for older men to suffer from low T, men of all ages, sizes, and races can have it. This can be seen in the advent of what some call “soy boys”, where younger and younger men underproduce testosterone and consume too many estrogen-boosting foods and beverages.

If you think your husband may have low T, look for these signs and symptoms:

– low sex drive

– low energy

– erectile dysfunction

– decrease in muscle mass strength

– increased abdominal fat

Now, these aren’t guaranteed that it’s low T, but those are very common symptoms for it. There are good odds that if he’s suffering from one or all of these, that he may have problems with his hormone levels. You should consult male fertility specialist based out of Austin to figure out your fertility problem.

How can you know for sure that you have low Testosterone?

If the sex has been lacking for a while and your husband is showing other signs of low T, you’ll want to talk to him about speaking with his doctor.

It doesn’t take much to determine if it’s low T, and can usually be determined by a couple of early-morning blood tests.

How to treat low Testosterone

A variety of things can cause low T, from having a poor diet to underlying health conditions such as problems with his pituitary gland. Even excessive weight and different medications can contribute to low T.

Treating underlying health issues, starting up a new workout routine, and changing up his diet are all great places to start. And some improvements will appear pretty quickly.

However, it may take some extra help to get his testosterone back on track. One of the common treatments is testosterone replacement therapy in the form of injections given every 1 to 2 weeks. Patches and gels can also be used, as well as some options for daily pills, but these are generally less effective.

You must understand that treating low T won’t be a cure-all. Especially if his lack of interest in sex is more a mental or emotional thing.

If things still aren’t heating up in the bedroom after he’s undergone treatment for low T, you may want to try reconnecting with him. Fan the flames of his passion by treating him like a king, going on regular dates, dressing up even around the house. Men never admit it, but they do like to be spoiled just as much as women do.